Life on “Dependa”-Street? Words from a Milspouse


Surely you’ve heard the rumor

That a military spouse

Equates to not much more

Than one who leads the life of a louse

Since it must be true we go after the pay

When a deployment takes them away!

And of course we must not forget – the spouse allowance and “free” housing

Yes those ridiculous rumors do cause quite a rousing…

At such utter bullshit I must chuckle

Pressures, responsibilities and isolation under which so many others would buckle

Out of Love

We rise above

In reverence to a vow greater than our own

Often told we willingly took on, but what it would really mean –

We couldn’t have possibly known

Where in the world is he? When or will he come home to my arms?

Questions we often wonder

With a constant wish upon our lips he’ll always be protected from harm

Military engagement photos

And contrary to popular belief

We have careers and educations

And for income don’t solely rely on our men defending the nation

Across the globe

Near and far

Such an incredibly powerful group we are!

Yet sadly among us we have such ugly discord

For wearing heels to the commissary, yours truly even called a whore

Behind the anonymity of a computer screen of course

The cowards have nothing to answer for

Throw out words like dependapotumus, tag chasers and dependaho

Spread them all around the ‘net

Along with photos taken of those not in the know

Such harsh acts against women they’ve never even met

Utter disrespect for the uniform and

Their serviceman’s position

Remember “got your six”

What ever happened to that tradition?

Seems many have a little too much time on their hands

So those running the cyber- bully pages (and I know you’re there) I implore

Invest your energy in something better

You are worth so much more

And along with that, please remember

We are all in this together