Do You Hate Going to the Dentist?

The FTC requires I let you know this is a post Sponsored by the MetLife Tricare Dental Program. Regardless, all opinions are based on my personal experience and have not been influenced in any way. Compensation will be donated toward helping our military and veterans and will be used to keep my little blog afloat.

Yours truly at the dentist

With the New Year upon us a lot of people are making it a goal to take better care of themselves. Well, while you’re at it – don’t forget about your teeth!

It might be a bit unusual, but I have loved going to the dentist since I was a kid! There is just something about lying back in the chair in those oh-so-fashionable goggles and patient bibs trying to make conversation with the staff that I find rather cathartic. It’s a good thing; too since several rounds of chemotherapy during cancer treatment affected my teeth and gums. Thanks to great dentists, a slight flossing obsession and excellent dental plans like the MetLife Tricare Dental Program, my teeth are in tip-top shape.

When the hubs and I got married, I wondered if and how the MetLife TDP would fit in with my already existing civilian insurance. Would it be complicated? Would they be easy to work with? How much work would I need to do? Calling in to MetLife TDP to have my questions answered was a breeze. They took me step-by-step through the process to have myself added to his insurance, explained how everything would work and couldn’t have been nicer if they tried. Once I was added, my dentist’s office was more than happy to take care of all the paperwork and they are thrilled to work with our military and their families!

Another bonus: When it came time for my now almost fifteen year old bonus daughter to get braces, though she lives in another state, MetLife TDP still couldn’t have been easier to work with. Her orthodontist’s office had no problems processing her insurance and it was effortless for us to make sure her smile stays healthy and beautiful, too!

If you have questions of your own, MetLife representatives are available at 1-855-638-8371. Their staff can also provide you with a list of dentists who are in their network and convenient to your home or office. Online enrollment is easy and can be found by visiting

It’s easier to love the dentist when going to the dentist is easy – and MetLife delivers. I am already looking forward to my next visit!

Rockin’ my retainers. Let this be a lesson: Kids, wear your retainers after you get your braces off!

**This is a sponsored piece, thanks to MetLife TRICARE Dental Program. You can read the original post at Military One Click.