A VERY Harley Holiday – Welcome to Our Home!


Welcome to our Holiday Blog Tour! The following blogs have teamed up to give you a variety of ideas from home decor to tips on how to make your tree stay fresh. There’s something for everyone in the mix! Grab a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa and enjoy the tour. Merry Christmas!

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It sounds windier than it was! The video really says it all…riding is a huge part of our lives. We don’t have to say a word. The closeness I feel to the hubs while riding passenger is extremely special to me. My mom and dad have been married almost forty years and I joke the secret to a good, long-lasting marriage is having a motorcycle. Maybe there really is something to it. Riding has always been a part of my life. And for the hubs, part of his for almost twenty years. Harley and HOG (Harley Owners Group) stand for family, togetherness and community, and they have such pride in our military. So of course for us it’s natural to walk to the beat of our own drum and bring a little Harley Davidson to our home for the holidays. We have been collecting tree ornaments and holiday décor since our first Christmas and throughout our road trips we always get excited when we find obscure pieces at dealerships. We also scour eBay and Amazon to find collectible ornaments.

(This is was our Santa that literally worked for two days then bit the bullet. New Santa to come…)

A Very Harley Holiday


Ride on In
The bike’s show lights match with our cobalt blue tree…

A bit of patriotism as you enter…we are a Navy home after all. Check out the America the Beautiful Wreath (from Christmas Forest). Thanks to Susie’s Reviews & Giveaways – I won it!


Of course, a touch of festive color is appropriate:

Biker PillowOne of our biggest scores was last year when we were riding back from our weekend in Topanga Canyon. Passing through Marina del Rey we randomly happened upon Bartels’ Harley Davidson. As we walked in, sitting in a jewel case was a vintage Bar & Shield tree topper I had coveted for months:

Harley Davidson Tree TopperWhen I started looking on eBay all of the ones listed had sold for over $150.00. I asked the hubs to see how much it was. $27.00- SCORE! They asked if we were military and gave us a discount, too. I was so excited we found it, I think I talked about it for days and definitely wanted to put the tree up then and there!

These are a few we have gotten from different dealerships and on eBay (I have had to be really strategic to get some of these)!

Ornament Collage

Here are some more of our favorites. We also find motorcycle collectibles and make them into ornaments:

Harley Davidson Ornaments

These are Harley Oil can Lights surrounding the tree:
Can Lights


Harley Davidson Christmas Tree


When I am home from business travels, I love to cook. And I like a fun dining room! Here’s our take on a festive holiday table:

Dining Room

Place settings:
Beaded snowflake table runner from Pier 1 Imports.
Poinsettia from VONS Grocery Store.
Planter/flower pot from Home Depot.
Silver Chargers from Bed, Bath & Beyond with Harley Davidson logos affixed.
Round snakeskin place-mats are also from Bed, Bath & Beyond.
Persimmons give it a touch of festive orange. Truthfully, I liked the idea but didn’t know where to put them ha!
Orange napkins folded into Christmas trees are from Bed, Bath & Beyond with Harley Davidson napkin rings.
Harley Davidson wine glasses with wine charms and Harley Davidson tumblers.
Black and white candles are from Michael’s. Instead of Happy Xmas, the candles say, “Harley Xmas” –
you know, given riding makes us happy and all.
Letters on candles are from Michael’s, too.

Dining Room 2

When I found this Village for half of what it usually retails I couldn’t have been happier!

Harley Village

A few up close details:

Dining Room Collage

So that’s a glimpse into our house during the holidays. Hope you had a good time and have a Happy Everything!  Not much longer…



tree 2