I Did My Hair Color at Home and Didn’t Cry -Madison Reed Review

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Madison Reed

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If you are like me you have spent a lot, A LOT, of money and a lot (A LOT) of hours at the hair salon. Even root touch ups take a lot of time. It costs hundreds and hundreds of dollars and in six to eight weeks, you get to do it all over again. Most people will agree at home hair color is a sin! You leave it to the experts. I know some of you are nodding my your heads in agreement right now. If there is one thing you don’t skimp on it, it’s your hair!  I just could never bring myself to try at home hair color. Then I was on the road 21 days in October. And then I discovered Madison Reed…You may have read about them in the press.

I had seen some other bloggers doing reviews of Madison Reed and was thinking to myself, “Dang her hair looks good. So does hers…and hers,” but surely it was too good to be true. Then one of those bloggers approached me with the opportunity to try it. And I kind of thought she was crazy! Me? Obviously she has not met me in person. My skills in the hair and makeup arena? Ha. Almost non-existent. BUT 21 days on the road in October meant I just did not have time to get to the salon. My hair was looking janky (okay, janky isn’t a word). It was looking baaad. When I got back, I had back-to-back meetings and I did not have time to sit in the chair for hours. I said, “What the hey,” and reached out to Madison Reed.

A note – those who have been here awhile know I do my research on ingredients. Get this – Madison Reed is Resorcinol-free. So if you have Resorcinol allergies, you need not worry! Plus, you shouldn’t be using it on your hair anyway! They have taken all PPD* and ammonia out of their hair color formulations, too. And their products are sulfate-free. They do include healthy things like ginseng, keratin, argan oil and UV-shielding lupine flower.

Ordering could not have been easier. You can even do a consult with them on the phone to pick the color that is right for you. The box came in no time and  I decided to take the plunge the very day I got home from Chile knowing I would be in the office the next morning. I did not want to go to work with that janky  baaad hair! Oh if you want to know the price, you can get your hair color starting at around $25.00 ($10.00 more if you want additional color for extra long hair).

I had thought about staying lighter/blonde, but chickened out and chose Como Light Brown, 7NGM. First I opened up my box:

Madison Reed Hair Color Box

The instructions are pretty straight forward and easy. The box also has everything you could need except for hair clips and now they sell them in their accessory kit! Just squeeze the color into the activator container and shake for twenty seconds. Part your hair into sections, throw on the gloves, apply the barrier cream (way better than Vaseline) and apply.

Four parts
My poor attempt at parting my hair into 4 sections

There are instructions for whatever you need – whether it is just a root touch up, a full color change or a refresh. I kept my hair color on for about 25 minutes. Then I hopped in the shower and rinsed it out and followed by washing and conditioning with the products they included. Now let’s talk about the shampoo and conditioner for a sec. They are THE BEST I have used in my entire life. I kid you not. They are both gluten, paraben and sulfate-free and.they.are.awesome.

Madison Reed Results

So my results? Take a look for yourself. A note: These photos are completely un-retouched. No filters. No saturation. Nada.

First, my roots:


All over hair. See? I told you it was pretty bad before! Oh these photos were taken five days after I applied the color. It still looks fresh!

Length before and after


Before and After Hair color

While if I were to go get highlights, I would leave that to an expert, for my all-over hair color I will absolutely use Madison Reed. And of course, I’ve already ordered my shampoo and conditioner. Ready to give it a try?

Find your perfect hair color now!

For an updated Madison Reed review and exclusive coupon code, after you’re finished reading CLICK HERE.

*Madison Reed does contain PTD, different from PPD. Do a spot test to make sure you are not allergic as you should with any cosmetic product or hair dye.