Go Ahead and Try the Intel Experience at Best Buy!

Intel Experience at Best Buy


This is a sponsored post for the Intel Experience at Best Buy. The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. Regardless, all opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way. 

Today the hubs and I stopped to check out the Intel Experience at Best Buy currently being featured in fifty of their locations across the United States. It’s about time for him to get a laptop upgrade and I had read the Intel Experience could help customize and narrow down choices based upon a person’s needs. The cool part is you can take your time inputting options you want – and those you don’t –  without feeling like you’re being pressured by a salesperson. As part of the entire Intel Experience, you are a participant in hands-on, interactive demonstrations showcasing the latest Intel technologies you may have only heard about up until now.  It goes beyond just reading information online or viewing a piece of equipment in the store without actually being able to test it, and it looks like I am not the only one who wants more than just looking – 79% of Americans want to experience products before they buy. I didn’t know quite what to expect or how cool the ENTIRE experience would be! Or how fun! (Oh. Side note: Shhh! Don’t tell what the hubs what he “might” be getting as one of his holiday gifts).

When we first arrived to the store the greeter was not aware of the Intel Experience so he contacted another associate to assist and after a few minutes we were on our way. Before I knew it, I was virtually mixing jams with Ne-Yo. His new single is exclusive to Best Buy right now and it was pretty cool to use a touchscreen to simulate drums, synthesizers and audio visual effects on a simulation of his upcoming release. I even got to record what I did, send a text and within a couple of minutes my session was sent right to my phone! How cool is that? You can check out my creation by clicking here.


My next Intel Experience at Best Buy was checking out the 3D printer and Cubify software technology. It was actually the first time I had seen a 3-D printer in action and, yeah, it was pretty freakin’ cool. I could see adults and kids loving this – especially as something to work on together. I am no graphics expert, but this program makes it fun and easy to start creating. It prints everything from phone cases to trinket boxes. You can even create a robot, print its pieces then put it together like a puzzle. How awesome is that?! Note to self: Find a reason for a 3D Printer!


When it came time to input what type of laptop I should get the hubs, it took only a few minutes and could not have been more straight forward. I  would just tell the tablet what he did or didn’t need and intuitively it asked the next question until I received at my results:


It didn’t stop there. I also checked out the Mars Rover experience though, uhh yeah, I wasn’t very good at it. Trying was fun, though! Irene, our trained Best Buy associate chuckled a little at my attempts. She was extremely knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. Each store has specially trained staff to take you through all of the technologies and to answer any questions you might have.


So now it’s your turn! To check out this 240 square feet of awesomeness in your area, click here to find a Best Buy Intel Experience near you. Come back and let me know YOUR favorite!

Thanks, Irene and thanks, Best Buy! 


Best Buy Intel Experience