The Unclassifieds – A Military Family Resource

Unclassified LogoBeing a military brat I moved every two to three years and typically, there was a wait for base housing when we arrived to our next station. As we planned for our moves my mom wondered which neighborhoods were going to be the best and safest so my siblings and I would have good schools and plenty of places to roam (kids played outside all the time back then). In the meantime, my parents relied on word-of-mouth and information provided by the Air Force. You crossed your fingers and found out a lot about a place once you got there.

Nowadays we have an entire world of resources at our fingertips. Google, social media communities and military websites provide information in seconds. But often things get lost in those searches. You’ve Googled a website and forgotten to bookmark it then go looking for the information again. With non-military communities you’re left to wonder if recommendations are real and if the sources are reliable. If you posted a topic in an online social media forum it can become lost in dozens of other posts so it either gets missed or you have to go searching for it to see if anyone has given you an answer.

Well now there is a better way; actually, a pretty awesome way to get the real deal on where the military is taking you next. Lauren, an Air Force wife whose family is stationed in Japan created The Unclassifieds – A Military Family Intelligence Community, and in doing so has definitely filled a need for ease. She also kept in mind that sometimes the little things are the big things. Families can share their opinions, favorite restaurants and even things you may not think about until you’re settled in – like the go-to for those highlights and cuts!

The site is organized so you can either easily share opinions on a duty station and its area along with local resources (and you should) or look up information pertinent to your move. Resources are available for those in the US and overseas and grouped by base then specific categories so you can easily navigate the site to find what you’re looking for without having to sort through a sea of information irrelevant to your needs. All posts are moderated to make sure there are no violations of OPSEC/PERSEC and are regularly reviewed to make sure information is the most current available.

Okay, you’ve read enough from me. Get thee to The Unclassifieds by clicking here and share YOUR hot and ‘avoid at all costs’ spots then show Lauren some military spouse love on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook while you’re at it! I look forward to reading your additions!

Til next time,

– Heather