5 Things I Said I’d NEVER Do Before I Married a Man with Kids

Marrying a Man with Kids

The other day I couldn’t help but laugh to at myself. I was one of those people. I swore I’d never get remarried and I freely touted off silly know-it-all quips on topics about which I *thought* I had a clue. Let’s just start with these before I embarrass myself too much:

  1. I would never become involved with a man who has kids. Yeeeepppp:
    A Lavender Farm Wedding
  2. I was a believer electronics should never “babysit” kids. Ummm yeah. There to the left is the view from the second row of our SUV which we bought, in part, BECAUSE of this device.  2014 EPIC Summer Road Trip? That screen kept us sane. ALL HAIL TECHNOLOGY! Which brings me to the pit stop we made after I had heard “Let it Go, Let it Go, Let it GOOOOO” a million times and was about to “let it go” right out the window! There is a certain large box retailer I don’t shop. Guess who sought out the Everyday Low Price “Guaranteeeeed” chaos in the form of the $5 movie bin on said road trip?DVDAnd whose idea was it to get them iPads last Christmas?

    This person right here!
  3. While we are on the topic of Christmas…There was no way I was going to participate in any sort of Elf on a Shelf shenanigans for ten days straight. Remember this post? HA. Shortly after it went up we flew to Arkansas for Christmas. K’s mom gave me her Elf. Then after a collection of other over-the-top poses, I went and did this:
    Elf on a Shelf
    She couldn’t just leave a note!

    The hubs had to sneak off to Home Depot for fake snow spray because I couldn’t just leave a note from the creepy doll K’s magical elf.

    Yes, I seriously hope K has outgrown this phase and still abhor Elf on a Shelf, but I was not about to argue with her mom over it, and I love my bonus daughter more than being “right”. The expression in her eyes made “selling out” to myself worth it. 😉 Yeah. I’m a sap.

  4. Under no circumstances would restaurants do most of the cooking. The girls live 1,800 miles away. I tell myself we’ll have a system when they’re in town. My mom cooked everyday. She packed lunches. We’re talkin’ some dang good meals – and for THREE kids! Somehow, all my spreadsheets and plans for Farmer’s Market outings resulting in beautifully healthy meals don’t quite come to fruition. Le sigh:

    Eating Out Collage
    Best laid plans
  5. I wouldn’t lose my cool with kids because as an adult I should know better. During a long stretch of road I said to the hubs,“The next one who complains is going to be left on the side of the road and will walk home.” Yeah. Bonus mom of the year right here, folks!
    Woman pulling hair out

Never say never, right?

Any ‘I’d never’ moments of your own? Do tell!