Wounded Warrior Project® Believe in Heroes® Campaign – Get Your FREE Coupons Here!


Disclosure: I’m participating in the 2014 Believe in Heroes® blogger campaign and received compensation as part of the program. ALL compensation is being donated to the Wounded Warrior Project®. 

I am honored to write that I have become part of the Wounded Warrior Project® Believe in Heroes® Campaign. As a military brat and military wife, this program is very near and dear to me. I asked my father and husband if it would be okay to share their stories here and they gave me permission. Neither wants accolades or attention, but I would write they deserve both.

My father served three tours in the Vietnam War. He was Pararescue and jumped from helicopters while being shot at to rescue men, his brothers, of all branches. My mom has a box of his things from Vietnam and in it contains a newspaper article with a photo of my father. It was a call for a hit on his life by the Viet Cong. It seems like the stuff you see in movies, but he lived it. And now he still lives with physical and emotional scars. Maybe someday he’ll talk to me about the things that happened there, but every time I ask he just replies, “Why do you want to know about that? I left those horrible memories there.”

My husband spent eight months on a ship and slept in a rack no larger than the size of a dining room table. While there are those who will say that is the job he signed up for, and he’d never complain about it, these are the conditions in which we make some of the most important people in this country live. We have the money and technology to make living conditions better, but we don’t.  I find it a travesty for those of us living in the US we seem to value the men who protect a ball more than the men and women who protect this country. We wear jerseys in support of sports teams, yet what do we “sport” in support of our troops?

As veterans transition into civilian life, they face many challenges and our wounded warriors are overcoming what can sometimes seem insurmountable obstacles. There are physical injuries sustained while serving this country and there are the ones that lie beyond the surface such as post traumatic stress disorder, a very real yet very ignored condition. I believe it is our responsibility to give back to these heroes, and I am asking imploring every American to do just that. But how?

So often I hear that people want to contribute, but they feel they cannot necessarily afford to do enough to make a real impact. What if you could join thousands of others to become part of a program that gives back and saves you money at the same time? No strings. No catch. Nothing to sign up for. All you do is print coupons for the grocery shopping you’re already doing. That’s it. No email address required. No sign-ups. Nada! And yes, it is really that easy.

For the fifth year, Acosta Sales & Marketing has collaborated with Believe in Heroes® in calling on all Americans to show their support to our warriors. From now until the end of November by using coupons each time you shop you can give back. (Coupons will be available until November 30th, or until supplies last). Veterans Day is November 11th. Even if you make it a point to shop on just that day, you will make a difference!

Visit the Believe in Heroes® website by clicking here and downloading over $25 worth of coupons for your grocery shopping. Again, you don’t have to sign up for anything. All you do is print and go to the store! You can also purchase great products on the site that will help you show your support for our warriors and give back at the same time.

All retailers who are participants in the program will raise funds and awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project®. Please spread the word with the hashtag #BelieveinHeroes and by sharing a link to this post on your Facebook pages, Twitter posts, Pinterest, Instagram and anywhere else you can think of!

For more information and to see where you can shop and save more, click here. Thank you in advance for giving back. I can’t wait to see what a difference WE will make!