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bloominous flowers

When I was planning my wedding,  I watched a lot of YouTube videos wondering if I could create a bouquet and floral arrangements that would be more original than the run-of-the-mill wedding flowers I was seeing on the pages of the internet. There were a lot of words of advice, but there really weren’t any resources to take me beyond HOW something should look when it was finished. Directions are great, but let me be honest here – I’m not exactly crafty. I needed a bit more than just a how-to video or two. So how do you make something great AND save money on wedding flowers? Thanks to today’s sponsor, Bloominous flowers, I have an answer for you.

Save money with Bloominous Flowers

Well, recently I discovered a website that provides easy DIY floral arrangement kits for weddings and events. Launched in 2014, I missed them by a year, but with many brides turning to DIY to save costs I just had to share! We all know the process of researching, purchasing and arranging florals can be stressful – not to mention the stress on your wallet! Did you know the typical florist mark-up is 300% or more?! So why not have someone do the work on the front end to make life easier during the planning while saving you 30-50% what you’d find in shops? We’re talking boutonnières for around $5 and centerpieces and bouquets for $40-$50! Enter Bloominous.

bloominous flowers

The Difference

So what sets Bloominous apart from the rest? Most DIY floral services do not prep their flowers. Bloominous flowers are cut-to your specific-order, de-thorned and trimmed before they arrive to you! Time saver alert! All of their kits also comes with step-by-step photo instructions, flower care tips, products to prolong the life of your creations AND only take 10 to 20 minutes per piece.

I love that each of the six collections are designed by by florists with ten or more years experience and are created based upon your inspiration! You’re not a cookie cutter bride, so your flowers shouldn’t cookie cutter either, right?

Learn More About Bloominous Flowers

Interested in a florist-at-your-fingertips’ experience? Be sure check out Bloominous by clicking here and come back and let me know which collection is your favorite. For me? I’m still deciding!

bloominous flowers