Welcome to a New Life of a Traveling Navy Wife!

WelcomeGreetings! If you follow me on Facebook, yesterday you read the news…But allow me to rewind for a moment. When I started my blog, it was more of a hobby. I didn’t expect much from it because I didn’t know the potential. I had a handful of readers. Then I learned some things here and there through Google. That handful turned into a few hundred. I decided to take things up a notch, got an illustrator to do my blog header (thank you, Kayti Designs!) and joined blogging groups to educate myself. Then somehow those hundreds turned into thousands. As the blog continued to grow, I knew in order to progress that change was a comin’! Well everyone, I took the plunge and moved the blog to WordPress.org! Welcome to a new Life of a Traveling Navy Wife!

From now on Giveaways and Reviews will have their own tab – so be sure to check the page often! For those newer to the blog, I try to do two to three giveaways a week. Travels will also have their own tab, because really, traveling deserves a spotlight of its own, don’t you think?!

A word on moving from Blogger to WordPress.org:

I had read that the process and transition could be very stressful on bloggers. Enter Amazing Amanda (yes, that is the name I’m dubbing her with) from The Suitcase Designs. She handled everything. She went above and beyond for me and the move was, dare I write, pretty easy! If you think it’s crazy expensive to have a professional handle a move for you, you may be surprised. Her pricing is extremely reasonable. If you are considering taking the WordPress plunge, drop her a line. She is happy to answer questions before (and during) your big move! Notice my new social media buttons? Cute, huh? Thanks to Amazing Amanda!

Thank you

Take a look around and check out the new About Me page. Leave me some feedback and let me know what else you’d like to see. I appreciate you bearing with me during the transition as I learn the WordPress world! Oh – and we’re moving this week so I might be quiet for a couple of days! Lots of moves around here!

Have a great day, everyone! Thank you all for being here and for your support of the blog. Cheers to more growth, more giveaways and more journeys!

– Heather
The Traveling Navy Wife