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When a friend of mine reached out and asked if I had tried Perfectly Posh skincare and beauty products, I will be honest. I hesitated when I formed my reply. I wouldn’t call myself much of a girly girl. I’m most definitely not into anything pink and I tend to steer away from things that appear to be “frou-frou”. I won’t lie. This was how I used to view Perfectly Posh. I tried to remain open-minded when I asked her to tell me more. My interest was immediately piqued when she shared that ALL of Perfectly Posh’s products are:

~USA-made – extremely important to me as a military   spouse!

~Never tested on animals!

Given this information, I agreed to test a few products and I admit I was worried because this was a friend asking me for an opinion. I didn’t want to disappoint her if I didn’t care for them and I most definitely didn’t want to do a review on my blog if I couldn’t say I’d use these products myself.

When I opened everything, I have to admit the products were pretty adorable. Here are my experiences with the three I tried:

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This is a honey-infused creme that moisturizes the cuticles and helps with dry, cracked hands. While I prefer a thicker, heavier hand creme, this one is very thin and light. It does absorb quickly and has a strong sweet, fruity smell that I didn’t care for. Of all the products this was the one I liked least. It wasn’t that anything was wrong with the creme; it is just a matter of it not jiving with my personal taste. For those who like thin lotions and sweet smells, this is right up your alley!

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This scrub really surprised me because when I opened it, it didn’t look very coarse although it has sea salts in it. It was whipped and smooth leaving me to think it wouldn’t do its job as a scrub, but I was definitely wrong. I got into the shower and a little goes a long way. I most especially loved the pieces of coconut skin and the strawberry seeds. The fact that I could see what was in this scrub means a lot to me. I think we all want to know what we’re putting on our skin and not only can you read the ingredients, you can SEE them! It smelled really good, but not too strong and left my skin feeling smooth, soft and moisturized. The clay is thick and I love that! The fact that it detoxifies the skin from free radicals is a huge bonus. Definite thumbs up.
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Okay, I am going to admit something here. I hate the name. BUT I LOVE the product. Why do I hate the name? Well, for a company that I believe empowers women to be independent and who creates these amazing products at extremely affordable prices, I was a bit surprised by the branding on this item. I really debated writing about it, but this is an honest review, so I have to point it out. I hope Perfectly Posh will consider renaming and re-branding this item because “stripper” just doesn’t seem empowering and “I am woman hear me roar”, at least to me. Getting past that, this stuff WORKS. I mean it REALLY WORKS! I used it on my face after washing and WOW. I could feel it going to work IN my pores, but not in that harsh, “Ouch my face is frozen!” kind of way. It wasn’t a tingling/burning sensation, but more like a cooling under the surface of my skin. I could also feel it tightening my pores – always a good thing! You can use this anywhere on your body and  it also has a natural, clean smell. I would most definitely add this to my skincare routine. It was my favorite of the three.
To sum it up…
Getting back to the affordable part; I was taken off guard by Perfectly Posh’s prices because frankly speaking (or writing, rather) I am unsure how they do it! Their skincare is made of the highest quality ingredients yet every single item is under $25! I love that they provide the opportunity to pamper oneself without a high price tag.
So ladies and gentlemen, I have to write that I am a fan. In fact, I am such a fan that I am sponsoring my own giveaway of Perfectly Posh products!
Be sure to enter to win a “Posh to Meet You” package containing three fun items: Mint For Each Other Chunk, Ra-Ra Raspberry Lip balm and The ‘It’ Girl Big Fat Yummy Hand Créme. I am also including a “Wanderlust” Bubble Bar because I LOVE the name and sometimes we should all slow down and just take a bath!
If you’re looking for the real deal and products that feel luxurious but are actually affordable, definitely check out Perfectly Posh. I’m glad I did! Click here to take a glance at all of their great products and be sure to let me know how you like to pamper yourself in the comments!

Disclosure: I received sample products in order to write this review. I was not compensated for this post, all opinions are my own and all prizes are sponsored by Life of a Traveling Navy Wife.

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