2014 Epic Summer Road Trip – It’s Been a Week!

How in the world have we been gone a week already? I have had every intention of checking in and updating, but WOW. We are busy and having a teenager and an eight-year-old with us…haha best laid plans. Remember how I’m learning? Yeah, I’m learning that bloggers who are parents and can make time for blogging from the road must have some sort of magical time warp or clock they stop in order to actually compose anything that makes a lick of sense! Paint me impressed because I don’t know how they do it!

We are in San Francisco at the hotel right now after a day in the city, winding down and getting ready for the longest stretch so far – getting up to the Redwood National Forest tomorrow with a stop at Glass Beach in Ft. Bragg. I don’t know whether we’ll have reception up there at the campgrounds, but I do know I will have a lot of catching up to do when we get back!

A few more photos in the meantime:

Santa Cruz pit stop on the way to San Francisco

Japanese Tea Garden with the hubs in Golden Gate Park (this photo came out so funny) 

I was so proud the hubs and 14 year old bonus daughter tried the jasmine tea at the Japanese Tea Garden! It was delicious. The hubs said it tastes like an air-freshener. 

From atop a double-decker while playing tourists

I’m looking forward to sharing what we’ve done, cut back and splurged on. It’s been an adventure and the girls have been troopers, but I admit to giving thanks we invested in an SUV with a DVD player haha!

Have a great weekend, everyone! Signing off until next time,