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My mom has been part of just about every direct marketing organization I can think of. She has tried to turn me onto products more times than I care to count. And each time I’ve nicely, yet firmly declined. It’s her “thing” for lack of a better term. For decades, literally, my mom has been on the hunt to find  the company who will be “the one.” I can’t believe I am about to write this, but it is my belief she finally has! Radiantly You Review

Let me back up for just a moment, though. In the last year or two, she became involved with a London-based organization whose products are great. It was important to her to find a company whose products were organic and natural. Okay, I can agree with mom there. It’s obvious they invest a lot of dollars in their branding and packaging. BUT their prices are very high. Too high for my taste. Think about it, they’re on the British Pound. If it is 20 GBP there, I’m paying almost $34 for the product here. And $90 for a hand-lotion?No thank you.

For years I was loyal to Aveda then Obagi products, but I struggled because I knew I was putting chemicals on my skin and finally, I stopped using them. I mean cleaning dirt and chemicals off my face with chemicals really didn’t make sense, right?

I began using the products my mom sent me from that London-based organization and while they are of great quality, I just wasn’t impressed. I was especially disappointed in the cleansers. They just didn’t clean unless I scrubbed my face with a washrag, essentially wiping instead of washing. Still my mom pressed on. Then somehow she heard about a newcomer, and  a few weeks ago, she told me about Radiantly You.

I listened to my mom, skeptical as always, but there was just something different. This organization felt more ‘salt of the earth’ so to speak. They’re new. Their branding is not as evolved as some of the others. Their packaging is basic and their website does need some revamping. I decided to go online and look up their pricing structure. You could have knocked me over with a feather. The founder writes:  Built on the philosophy that organic and natural products should be available to everyone, Radiantly You has worked hard keeping their high quality natural and organic products at a reasonable cost. RY believes that organic/natural skincare products are better for people, the environment and especially our future.

Reasonable cost indeed! Their pricing is better than the Oil of Olay line you find on grocery store shelves! I’m a believer that it’s what is on the inside that counts, and Radiantly You is a testament to that!

Since I am in Miami, my mom brought me some of the products to try. It has been five days. Here is how it is going:

I cleanse evening and morning with the Dead Sea Whipped Face Wash. This is definitely a different texture than what I’m used to as far as cleansers go. It’s thicker and looks a little like oatmeal. The smell is clean and natural. It feels SO good on my face.With a lot of cleansers, it feels like I’m stripping my skin of its moisture. This is the opposite. After I rinse, my skin looks and FEELS squeaky clean, but there is no dryness!

Next, I moisturize with the Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer. It is has a texture like butter. A little dab will do ya! It is extremely thick, so at first I was worried it would feel greasy on my face. However, after application it absorbed beautifully and has left my skin feeling so soft! I love this stuff!

This is me, with absolutely zero make-up on my face. This photo is completely un-retouched, no filters, nada. I am facing the window so natural sunlight was “lighting” my face. I call this my glamorous ponytail look. /Insert sarcasm here.

After only five days of usage I feel like my overall skin tone is more even. For those wondering, I will be 38 in less than three weeks’ time.

I am loving it and I will continue to use Radiantly You products. What is awesome is that they also have natural, organic household cleansers! I will definitely be trying those next.
As a military spouse, I’m glad to endorse products made here in the US. I also love that Radiantly You does not test on animals and is a proponent of giving back. They have teamed up with 1% for the Planet  to give 1% of all of their proceeds to helping our earth. To be clear, I won’t be selling the products, but I’ll definitely be using them!
In celebration of mom and me “finding the one” I am doing a Radiantly You giveaway!
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Dead Sea Whipped Face Wash
Citrus Sugar Scrub
RY Dedorant
TWO Orange Vanilla lipbalms

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