Orange is the New Black!

It’s official! I am a member of the SoCal Blogger Society! This month’s topic for the link up is:


I have A LOT of black in my closet. A WHOLE LOT! So I’ve been trying to branch out. I love orange and green, but rarely can I find those colors in clothing with cuts that I like. Today I wanted to find some dresses for a weekend getaway that I could also wear to the office, and low and behold look what I found (please excuse the ridiculous look of the grey tights – they went with my outfit today)!

This is what you get with a cell phone and bad dressing room lighting:

Orange everywhere!

After two stores I ended up with six dresses, a cream colored cardigan, a jean jacket, two camis (black and white) and a scarf organizer. I’m so proud that half of the dresses feature bright orange! Such a departure for me.

This summer I’m going to lean toward airy, light fabrics and sometimes I’m going to get my bright on! Reminder to self: Wardrobe staples don’t always have to be black. I’m definitely happy to start with orange.

What are your favorite colors for the summer? Share in the comments!

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