#indie30 Day 3 – What’s Your Travel Style?

Day 3

#Indie30 – What is your travel style?

ECLECTIC! I am most definitely an eclectic traveler.

I am not married to one travel style, per se, though I admit as a frequent business traveler I am regimented and a little snooty when it comes to where I sit (if I don’t get my upgrade – window on long flights so I can sleep, aisle for short flights so I can get off of the plane more quickly), what time I leave for the airport (early), hanging in the Sky Club (no bathroom line!) and I do hope most especially on overseas flights, I won’t have screaming kids who will kick my seat for nine hours sitting behind me (oh, yes…been there, done that). I also always have a few things with me.


I wear heels just about all the time. I don’t wear flats very often in public unless it’s to a gym, hiking, beach, etc. So usually I wear heels on the plane, then I change into some really comfy socks. I stick a pair of flip flops in my bag to grab in case I have to run to the restroom.

My TSA friendly backpack goes everywhere with me. I don’t have to take my laptop out during screenings and it holds everything like my glasses, socks and travel blanket (I do not use plane blankets)! I always have a purse that goes with me, too – I especially love my Michael Kors travel tote. A TSA-friendly lock, a charging brick for my phone in case I can’t access an outlet and an adapter are also always in my backpack.


Once I board the plane I wipe everything down with my trusty Clorox wipes. Tray tables, armrests, chair, window and all around…seatbelt, you name it. I am obsessed with Clorox Wipes. They make me happy. I am never without them. Then I wipe my hands with a Wet One to get the Clorox off my hands. Germaphone much? It’s okay, I accept it. BUT if you knew what people did on planes, YUCK. You’d carry Clorox wipes everywhere, too! My husband playfully rolls his eyes, but I know he’s glad I bring them when we travel.

Never without them!

My Harley Davidson duffel bag has been all over the world with me, too. It’s my go-to, even over my Tumi roller. It fits EVERYTHING!


While I love Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton and Mandarin Oriental properties, I am just as happy to sleep in an RV during a white-water rafting trip in Ducktown, Tennessee or in a tent in Cuyamaca, California. I’ve stayed in French châteaus, luxury cabins and seedy hotels. While I can do without the seedy hotels (admittedly clients mistook where to book), I am definitely open to luxury or the not so luxurious…

BUT I have never been to a hostel! I think 2014 might be my year to just try it. Maybe.

Ritz Carlton Reynolds Plantation, Ritz Carlton San Francisco, Camping in Cuyamaca, sleeping with Pudgy in Cuyamaca, Lodge in Lake Tahoe, Four Seasons Maui
This gets its own spot! Outdoor shower at Four Seasons, Big Island of Hawaii. YES PLEASE!
Les Fontaines, Chantilly, France


I am fortunate to have dined in some of the best restaurants in the world, and I won’t kid anyone – I loved every single morsel! But there is something so special about S’mores by the campfire. Bisquick ready-made pancakes on campsite are great, too!

Delectable delights in Belgium & Barcelona…blowing out a marshmallow by the campfire…”gourmet” breakfast


Hiking, museums, the symphony, shopping, underground tours, helicopter rides – I am down for all of it!

Rock climbing in New Jack City, Symphony at Walt Disney Concert Hall Los Angeles, Skydiving  in Atlanta(that’s me there in the middle), hiking Stone Mountain, CA, white water rafting in Ducktown, Tennessee. I am up for it all!


Don’t label yourself or put yourself into a box! You might miss out on a great opportunity if you do. As a line from one my favorite movies, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, says, “A man [or woman] should be in a box only when he [she] is dead!” So live it up through your travels and experience new things, food and people! Even if you don’t love what you’re doing, at least you can say you tried. 🙂