#indie30 Day 29 – Design the Perfect Hostel

Today’s prompt is all about designing the perfect hostel. Now, as some of you know – I’ve never actually stayed in a hostel (but stay tuned – I am doing it for the first time this weekend AAHHH)!

So, JUST the other day I was telling the hubs I’d LOVE to buy this building in downtown San Diego. It is a former hotel and now abandoned, dilapidated and it is such a shame because it is also beautiful.

I grabbed these from Google Maps Street View:

Why would I like to buy it? Well to turn into a high-end hostel! It would, of course, be biker friendly. The parking lot to the left has plenty of rooms for cars and motorcycles!

I envision some rooms that allow for privacy, LOL, but not so frilly as below. In between the two  beds would be a pocket airwall that could be left open or closed for privacy. This set up would have four beds per room:

Photo courtesy of moms.popsugar.com

While this set up, still allowing for privacy, would have six beds per room. They would be much more comfortable than this, though. The wood would also be nicer/dark:

Photo courtesy of  apartmenttherapy.com

Three beds per room, different look:

Photo courtesy of apartmenttherapy.com

And the one bed layout would be like this, but definitely different decorations, and would have a flat screen TV:

There would be a Harley Davidson themed game-room, of course. All photos Harley Davidson:

The welcome seating area would be large and comfortable, with darker sofas than this – sofas that people shouldn’t be afraid to put their feet up on:
Photo found on Pinterest
The bathrooms would be spa locker-room style, allowing for both privacy and multiple people to use it at the same time. One for the guys and one for the gals.
Sinks with counter space/toilets behind (photo courtesy of: whatscookingmaui.com)

Grab a towel…lockers for your things

Multiple showers
And lastly, the cherry on top, so to speak… A rooftop bar. You can’t have a property in San Diego without a rooftop bar, complete with fire-pit. This wouldn’t be a loud, obnoxious party all night long type of bar, but definitely let loose until a decent hour, have some wine and cocktails while winding down kind of place. Also a great spot to read and chill out during the day. It would have a lot of plants brought to you by the hubs! He has a green thumb. Let’s just say I don’t.
Photo courtesy of Altitude
Photo courtesy of Breeza Condos
Courtesy of Breeza Condos
I am sure I’m leaving things out because I’ve never been to a hostel, but I envision something where people would want to relax. Definitely clean and not what I’ve seen in horror movies. Just because it’s a hostel doesn’t mean it can’t be awesome.
What a question! Have you ever thought about opening your own hostel? What would it look like?