#indie30 Day 25: Travel Photos

Today’s prompt is all about sharing travel photos. It’s hard to choose! I am going to limit myself to ten. All photos LoaTNW©.

I love this quiet moment I caught in Amsterdam. Bicycles are everywhere there! I was almost hit a few times!

He was one of the most passionate characters on Speakers Corner that day, London
Everyone always tells me this photo of Begijnhof in Bruges, Belgium is spooky. I particularly love the legend of the trees. You should go there and find out what it is for yourself! 😉

I need to find the file with this hi-res photo I took in Boston’s Public Gardens. The tree is so striking, but the little girl, arms out, care-free as though she is flying really makes this photo for me.

I am not religious, but I believe in the power of energy. I was mesmerized by the beauty of everyone’s prayers through candlelight at Barcelona Cathedral

Just a bit east of the craziness that is Las Vegas is Henderson, NV. This was taken from my room at the Ritz Carlton as I caught a beautiful sunrise. A reminder you can find peace if you allow it to exist close by.

This was a beautiful trip with my mom to Kauai. We had such a fabulous time, especially touring Kilauea Lighthouse.

A lof of people focus on the water in Hawaii. The valleys and greenery are just as impressive.
Hanalei Valley Outlook, Kauai

I love this sunset behind the Golden Gate Bridge. I sat just staring at it and the way the sun lined the sky that evening.

I think I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t like Paris. Still this is a reminder of a time that I was finding myself. And a reminder beauty can be found if you open your eyes to it, even on a rainy day in Paris.