Road Trip!

Today’s #indie30 prompt: Tell us about the best road trip you’ve ever been on.

I LOVE road trips and I’ve had a lot of them! While I’m tempted to write about one of the three cross-country trips, the truth is that when I thought about the answer to today’s prompt what made me giddy and smiley was a road trip all of 326 miles to and from, of all places, Las Vegas. I’m using creative license on this entry because it’s what happened once we got to our destination that makes really makes it take the cake for me.

Anyone who knows me knows I’ve been to Vegas a million times. Okay, not a million. 999,999. They also know I’m not wild about the place, but if you’re in events, it’s likely you’ll spend a lot of time there. Why can’t the wine country have a ton of meeting space and cheap room rates? A girl can dream…

I needed to do a site visit and the timing tied in perfectly. I called my events contact and set things up for Thanksgiving weekend. I invited the hubs – who was my boyfriend at the time – and had a little trick up my sleeve. He loves Guns N’ Roses, so I got tickets and asked him to get a chit for Thanksgiving weekend. I think it took a month. Aye aye aye! Doesn’t the US Navy know how impatient I am?! Finally he got the okay and the day arrived to leave. I WAS SO EXCITED!

We hadn’t said I Love you at the time, but we both knew we were going to say it. We both knew the other felt it and, well, we both just knew… He was driving (I actually let a man drive my car!) and asked me to text one of the girls* an early Happy Thanksgiving and tell her that he Loves her. Then he said (I’m paraphrasing), “Make sure you capitalize the L. A lot of people just throw the love word around and it’s not to be lightly used.” I got quiet (surprise!) and smiled. I also nodded my head in agreement and said something dumb like, “Good to know.”

Fast forward. We were having a great time. We ate (A LOT), we walked, we talked. We could have been in the city dump and I wouldn’t have cared.

Right before the ‘big moment’

Finally, we went to Guns N’ Roses and the hubs CAN ROCK. He was belting out the Axl! It was both entertaining and awesome.

How much more Las Vegas could we be? Yes, we actually have this in our home LOL!

After the concert, we headed to PURE Nightclub at the hotel. I won’t give all the details but it was on the floor of PURE we said I Love you for the first time. It was loud. There were a ton of people in the club. But in that moment it was like no one and nothing else existed. I look back at that moment and see two people giddy and smiling. It was perfect.

That road trip taught me that with the right person, any place can be pretty fabulous. We had a great drive home and the next time we left Vegas together it was on our Harley Davidson just over a month away from our wedding.

*for those new to the blog, welcome! The hubs has three daughters who live in another state. When I refer to “the girls” I’m usually referring to them.