#indie30 Day 21: 2014 Travel

Today’s prompt is Where do you most want to go in 2014?

We were also guided to share upcoming travels. Here’s a glimpse at my 2014 schedule, so far:
Jan 4-11
Las Vegas, NV
Jan 18/19
Topanga Canyon/Venice Beach/Santa Monica, CA
Jan 25-Jan 31
Scottsdale, AZ
Feb 1-3
Scottsdale, AZ
Feb 20-28
Barcelona, Spain
March and most of April I took a break for surgery and recovery
April 20
Day trip to Palm Springs
April 26-27
Maybe Laughlin, NV (up in the air)
April 28-April 30
May 1-4
May 4-7
May 23-26
TBD – birthday travel/friend’s wedding
May 27-30
La Costa (at least it’s local)
Others TBD
Summer 2014 Epic Road Trip with bonus daughters and the hubs (up the CA coast and back down the interior)
Indianapolis, IN
September 7-11
Las Vegas, NV
September 13-19
Puerto Rico
Others TBD
Kansas City, KS
Others TBD
Others TBD
Where I most want to go is, well, anywhere! I’ve got so much business travel, sprinkled with a few personal trips here and there, but I’d like more time for the hubs and I to travel as newlyweds. Because of the military, that isn’t easy. It takes so long to get approved for leave (it is worse than waiting for paint to dry). So I will take what I can get. 
If I had to choose one place to which we would transport *BEAM ME UP, SCOTTIE* style, he and I would run away to Bora Bora and stare at fish swimming by from our overwater bungalow all day long. That type of relaxation would be good for the both of us! We’d veg, drink mai thais, eat whatever amazing food the chef whipped up that day and disconnect from the rest of the world.
This place doesn’t look too shabby:
Overwater bungalow, lorikeets high, fish down below and oh such vibrant flora! I need a vacation in Bora Bora!
For the record, this trip is on the radar. But I’ll save THAT li’l tidbit of info for another day. šŸ˜‰
Where do YOU want to go this year?
*photo credit: www.bloggeratlarge.com