#indie30 Day 18: What One Thing, When You See Photos of it, Makes You Just Want to Pack Your Bags and Go?

I think this is going to be a no-brainer for some… /wink

There are A LOT of places that stir that reaction in me, but more than any other…what will get me the most excited, what will make me talk more than I already do, what will bring tears of happy, hyper excitement to my eyes describing the way these magnificent creatures display their absolute raw power in this part of the world  (I am literally moving around, excitedly, in my seat as I type this) is this:

This is a screencap from a Google Image search

I have been shark diving since I was fifteen years old. That’s awhile now, though I’ve had to take a break because of my lungs (damage from the chest tubes and the fire for those who are new to the blog-don’t worry, I’m okay). I have had some AWESOME encounters. Just typing this makes me grin so big recalling those memories.

 But there is ONE PLACE in all of the world that is first on my bucketlist for shark diving (or even on shallow free breaths or snorkel) just a wee bit southeast of Capetown and that is…

I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Hey now! Don’t be so surprised! 
What’s on your adventure bucketlist?