#indie30 Day 16: What City in Europe Would You Like to Visit the Most?

WOW! Day 16 of #indie30 already! If you haven’t read BootsnAll’s recaps of the #indie30 Art Project, I really encourage you to go over to the blog and take a look-see. What an awesome community of travelers and bloggers. I read through the recap for week two and did some “awwwws” and laughed a lot, too! I am a newbie to all this and I am just so humbled to be part of it.

Today’s topic is Europe. Okay. We all know of my love affair with London, and that I love all things Belgian. I love Dublin and Amsterdam tickles with me its quirkiness. Barcelona and its food and Spanish wine also tickle my fancy… I am itching to get to Greece and Italy, but since I have plans for that already I thought somewhere in Iceland, but we have plans for Iceland, too. So I thought of a place that has popped in my head a few times over the years which makes TOTAL sense for me to see and explore:

You can tell I paid A LOT of attention in PhotoShop class, no? LOL (photo rendering from NY Times)

SALZBURG, AUSTRIA (and Vienna, of course)!!

First, I am obsessed with all things Mozart. I love classical music and opera, and I want to see his birthplace. My uncle used to read us books about Mozart when we were kids and then when Amadeus (the movie) came out, I think I watched it a hundred times! It’s okay that it isn’t exactly historically accurate. Mozart even has HIS OWN 80’s tribute song! Thank you, Falco!

I was also SO enthralled with the Sound of Music when I was a child. I wanted to be one of the VonTrapp children so badly. Perhaps I related to the military upbringing! I can’t sing to save my life (like really CANNOT sing), but I had the “do re mi song” down pat! I saw it on Broadway in New York City years ago and then I heard about the Sound of Music tour. You mean there’s  a tour?! SIGN ME UP.

I don’t know why I’ve never ended up there. I even have a friend who lived in Graz for years since she married a man from Austria. They’re in the States now, but I would know all the places to go and see because they’d steer me in the right direction.

Of course, I’d also have to get to Vienna to witness the magic of the Vienna State Opera. Oh my gosh, I can imagine it in my head. What an amazing experience that must be!

Sipping on a steaming mug of mulled wine in an  Austrian Christmas market would also be right up my alley. The hubs always jokes I like to burn my mouth (I like my food and drink PIPING hot).

Yeah. Austria and I would get along famously!

And now I will be singing Amadeus and “doe a deer, a female deer…” all.day.long. I think that’s fabulous, though. Don’t you?