#indie30 Day 14: Write us a poem about a travel experience

I’ve often written that I believe travel extends beyond modes of transport or lodging. All of us take personal journeys through life – whether it is a challenge to finish school or to move on from a bad situation into a good one. I think the travel that does involve trains, planes and automobiles (and motorcycles, of course) is more profound and meaningful because of those experiences.

Recently, I was in ultrasounds, CT scans and x-rays. The days of treatment came flooding back to me. Tears welled in my eyes. As my 38th birthday approaches – one I was told I wouldn’t live to see- the flood gates of cancer travel opened up and it all came pouring back. That doesn’t happen to me very often. I always remember, but on that CT machine I re-lived it; traveled back in time, if you will.

Today, we were asked to write a poem. I’m going to post something I wrote just over three years ago. I think it’s apropos for today’s prompt.

My poem is three-fold: 1) It speaks to my health journey and  2) to travel that was not to be. I was training for a marathon that took place in Alaska – one of four states left I have to visit in the U.S.. 3) It also highlights a wee bit of regret. Several things were going on personally and my health was not cooperating. I had to have surgery and didn’t end up crossing the finish, or even in Anchorage that summer.

I still think about it. Because of my surgery in March this year, I don’t have time to train to get to Alaska this June. But perhaps it’s time to brush off my ol’ fundraising letter and give it another whirl.

Crossing the finish line in Alaska for my 39th birthday does sound pretty awesome, no?

(Please note the link on the jpg won’t work since it’s three years old. But stay tuned, maybe I’ll have a new link soon. Read text below jpg).

I am going on a journey, 
Of another 26.2 
“Again,” you ask? 
Yes, yes. It’s true! 

Your support is beyond measure 
Being here to share it, this is truly my treasure! 

Blood cancer’s problems can be many 
Solutions were once painfully few 
It’s so easy to ask, 
“Where do we start? 
There’s just too much to do!” 

Yet for Team in Training, 
The direction was abundantly clear 
They gave of their time, 
reached out their hearts 
and were there to volunteer… 

The common vision we work for 
Encompasses folks one and all 
And patients and survivors, 
we’re no longer helpless or small 

No matter how young or old 
How slow or spry 
Through sweat, dedication and yes, even sore thighs… 
Team in Training athletes hold their heads high 

For they are out there, 
through their commitments 
Giving their time, 
Spreading a message of hope while 
Saving our lives 

So now we come to it. . . 
Yep. The talk about money 
It’s gotten very creative, this fundraising thing 
And sometimes, downright funny! 

Some sell cupcakes 
Some sing and dance 
It’s all so that those who can’t do it themselves 
Will still have a chance 

They are my heroes, 
Why I’m still here 
It’s now my turn again 
To help the mission until 
Blood cancers disappear 

So no amount is too big or too small 
I appreciate every donation, one and all 

With thanks for your time,
I’ll bid you adieu, 
Be sure to follow my journey 
To the finish, where I’ll be screaming