#indie30 Day 10 – What is the Strangest Food You’ve Eaten During Your Travels?

I am so excited to read other’s posts because mine will be kind of boring! I wish I could write that I’ve eaten some really crazy bug or eyeballs or something! But alas, I’ve just never had the opportunity.

The strangest was probably dried Iidako (baby octopus) that a Japanese co-worker brought into work when he returned from a trip there. It was very sweet and would have went down better with cold sake! It tasted a little rubbery, too. Next would be Kusaya in Yokohama which is salted, dried and fermented fish. It’s smelly and it’s strong! Still…nothing too crazy.

I love frog legs, escargot and raw oysters (all of that list, especially in New Orleans). I also like gator from time to time, I mean I am from Florida after all. I know that’s probably strange for some, but I don’t think it’s too adventurous. I wouldn’t say any of this is like eating scorpion on a stick!

Would you eat it again?
Absolutely. I will try almost anything twice! BUT I will never eat shark. Ever. Ever. Ever. Even the legal kind. Not happenin’. Oh. And Balut. I can’t stomach eggs let alone the thought of that!

Do you have any photos or videos of you eating this food?

For as many photos as I take, you’d think I have more! Here are a few…

Top Left – Kusaya in Yokohama, Right and bottom left – escargot and frog legs in Barcelona (won’t win any awards for Photoshop, yes I  cut someone out of the picture)

What do you do if offered controversial foods (like shark fin soup, or anything endangered) or food you don’t normally eat (like meat if you are vegetarian).

I would just politely refuse and say, “No thank you.” So far, this hasn’t happened to me, thank goodness!

Have you ever felt guilty about eating a food?

Le sigh. Yes. I caved and ate foie gras in Barcelona. I cannot lie. It was amazing. I felt so guilty I’ve never eaten it since. That was years ago.

Foie gras with apple chips in Barcelona at CentOnze 

A list of what I want to try:
Fried tarantula
Casu Marzu
Scorpion on a stick
Some kind of eyeball (think Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – eyeball soup, anyone?)
And more kinds of bugs

I know I might be a little crazy. I’m alright with that. πŸ˜‰

What about you? What is the strangest food you’ve eaten? Where were you? Do tell!