One Step Closer

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I had my pre-op today. It went fairly quickly. Dr. G asked me how I am feeling about everything, mentally. We bantered a bit and agreed I’m just ready for the day to arrive!

He confirmed I have no cold or flu symptoms, no breathing troubles and no fever. He examined my belly button and explained that because I have an innie (and the way it is structured) it is quite possible he (well, he and the robot – to be named) will only have to make one small incision that he can actually hide in the belly button! He did mention that if I have a lot of scar tissue and/or endometriosis, he might have to make two incisions. I was surprised by this as I was expecting four! Who knew a naval could be such a technical little bugger?

We reviewed the time to arrive at the hospital and the wonderful bowel prep instructions (insert major sarcasm). If you’ve ever prepped for a colonoscopy it is the same. Clear liquids all day Thursday – NO FOOD- and I will be up and down all night after drinking the magnesium citrate which does taste something awful!
I asked him how long he thinks my surgery will be and he told me it will be two and a half to three hours. We wrapped by me giving him a directive: “Take good care of me, okay?” and he told me would and gave me a hug.
Know what? I have every confidence he will.
Another day. Another step closer… 
Anxiously awaiting Friday.