Happy New Year… I’m Already on a Journey

WOW have I been a major slacker, or what?!

Happy New Year! I hope you had great holidays. I will definitely have to recap our ten days in Arkansas. It was so wonderful seeing the girls, and it went so fast!

Life has been, in a word, busy. Two days after we got back from Arkansas, I left to Vegas for work for a week. I’ve been working morning, noon and night on two more events – one I leave for tomorrow for ten days. I’ll come back for two weeks then take off to Barcelona for a week. Time is flying by.

On the 19th, the hubs and I took the motorcycle up to L.A. We stayed at a bed and breakfast in Topanga Canyon, rode around Malibu and the Sunset Strip and strolled Venice Beach’s Boardwalk and Santa Monica Pier. It was a nice celebration of the anniversary of the day he proposed to me. It was also two years since I was trapped in the fire. A celebration of life and love. We had perfect weather and it was a great time. I was so grateful we had those days together to just get away from it all. We also made some awesome purchases and stopped in at three Harley Davidson shops!

I also made a really important appointment. I have written about this before, but I have had horrible periods since I was ten years old. Sleepless nights, pain beyond description. I’ve tried it all: birth control pills, painkillers, NuvaRing, endometrial ablation, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, swallowing vats of raw apple cider vinegar…you name it, I’ve tried it for relief. Except a hysterectomy.

Now, when people say that word I think most automatically think of this horrible surgery having all of your reproductive organs torn out. Science and medicine have made huge progress. I have put months of research into daVinci robotic surgery. I consulted with three surgeons and finally met THE one.

Dr. G is pretty damn awesome. He listened, he suspects I have an un-diagnosed condition that cannot be picked up on scans and agrees that the surgery is the best route. He felt terrible that for so long I’ve just been told, “Well you’re just unlucky and have bad periods.” After much discussion (and uncomfortable poking and prodding) we set up the plan.

I will under go hysterectomy and salpingectomy – removal of my uterus and fallopian tubes (which is said to reduce risk of ovarian cancer). I will keep my cervix and my ovaries. It will require an overnight hospital stay. I will have four very small scars on my stomach and next month will be my last period. The idea of that is exciting for me.

I have been going through medical treatments and surgeries for so long. Maybe I am a bit desensitized to it. Maybe it hasn’t hit me yet. Maybe I am just so ready to have the pain and worry of leaving my home while I’m on my cycle behind me.

Why in the world would I write about something so personal on the internet? Because I know there are other women out there suffering and searching for answers. I will write about my journey here so they can have hope. It’s the first time I’ve felt hopeful in awhile.

I am not without concerns, but I know I am strong and I know I will heal quickly.

The surgery will be in March, shortly after I return from Spain.

As I learn more, I will share.

2014 brings a new journey. And I’m ready.