Sniffles and Changes

Hello from way up high again. I am somewhere over New Mexico between Santa Fe and Albuquerque. SO.CLOSE.TO.HOME.

I do NOT want to admit this, but I have the sniffles. UGH. And a bit of a sore throat. I WILL fight it. I leave to San Francisco on Wednesday and I am NOT getting sick! The plane is freezing, too. I have on my leather jacket, my traveling socks (yes I have traveling socks LOL) and my traveling blanket and I am still cold! Okay, enough of that.
You  might notice a few changes in the layout of the blog. I will be making more, soon. In the meantime, you’ll also notice over to the left there are added icons for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I’m aiming to reach 100 LIKES on the new-ish Facebook page so I may announce the first page giveaway. It will be useful to the winner for holiday shopping! Please give it a thumbs up and share if you would by clicking on the icon. Of course, I always love followers on Twitter and Pinterest. If you have a have a Facebook page/Twitter handle/Pinterest and I haven’t liked or followed you, please leave me a comment so I can do so!
Thanks, everyone! 
Tomorrow is a special day and I look forward to coming in and writing.
Hope you had a fantastic weekend!