Playing Tourist for a Day in San Francisco


Love it.

I was only there overnight, but it was enough bring a smile to my face. I reminisced as I played tourist while walking around and visiting Pier 39 at Fisherman’s Wharf before I had to get ready for my event.

When my driver dropped me off at the hotel, I didn’t seven see what was attached – this is the sister property of a much larger Harley near the airport:


Ha! I went in and browsed, said hello then walked to Pier 39. Yes, the City of Fog was foggy. And windy, too. That’s Alcatraz in the background. Me, trying to keep the hair out of my face LOL:

Seals were out in all their glory:

Stopped in at Swiss Louis Italian Restaurant and had some sourdough bread and gnocchi. The bread was cold :/ but tasty. The gnocchi was good.

Cold bread:

After walking around a bit, it was time to head back to the hotel. I checked emails then got ready for the event. It took place at a really cool warehouse gallery and was a success! By the end, I was tired and headed straight back to the hotel. I washed up, wished the hubs good night and was asleep before I knew it.
In the morning, as much as I love San Francisco, I was so ready to head home. My driver made a pit stop for me. This dealership was awesome. They have a mini museum with motors and bikes dating back to 1915.:
After buying my pins and a poker chip, I was at the airport in no time. Lucky for me, the 1100 flight was delayed 35 minutes and I was able to get on it! That put me home a bit early and although I am a bit under the weather, I am thoroughly enjoying every moment of being in San Diego before I leave for my last business trip of 2013 to Kansas tomorrow!
Have a happy Saturday, everyone!
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