On the Road Again at Home… Florida Part II

When we got to my parent’s house my brother, my mom and I chatted for awhile. We also watched The Haunting. I don’t have cable and rarely watch television. Interesting, for lack of a better term. 😉

I got up the next day and headed to my event. It was outdoors, and I forgot just how hot it gets in Florida woo! The grounds were beautiful. The event itself was outstanding. It was time to head out and I figured what the heck…
…and picked up pins and a poker chip at the Tampa Harley Davidson. After checking out an old A-Model Ford painted in pink (poor car), I headed back to my parent’s place.
I got changed and my dad and I took off on a ride. Now. My dad is a Gold Wing guy. He’s always razzing me about having a Harley. We took off and it was a nice ride around the town. My parents live so close to the country. We also stopped by his riding club’s new post (we’ll, they’re building it) and I met a few of the guys.
Shhh don’t tell anyone you saw me on a Gold Wing!
After awhile it was time to eat! We headed out and had way too much! It was good, and ironically, look who we sat next to HA! (Harley is on the left and Davidson is on the right)
I got a piece of real Key Lime Pie to go. I must point out, notice it is YELLOW. Key Lime pie is never green. If it is green, it is NOT key lime. 
We headed home and hung out the rest of the night. 
The next day, we went and had breakfast. 
Then ran a couple of errands before I went back to gather my things and head to the airport.
But first, I had a long talk with my parents about my brother. Many of you do not know I have a brother with Asperger’s and Non Verbal Living Disorder. He is an adult, but he struggles. And his mind doesn’t necessarily operate as an adult. I worry about him a lot.
I also had a long talk with my brother and set up a list of accomplishments for him – similar to my weekly checklist. It was extremely hard to say ‘bye’ to him. He and I are very close and share a special bond. The kid (who is taller than I am) has been to hell and back. It’s a long, long history and someday I hope he is confident enough in me and himself to allow me to tell his story.
1300 hours (1:00pm) rolled around and it was time for me to head to the airport. Manatee plate and the U. Awww home…LOL
I returned my rental car and in the three minutes it took me to walk from the rental car agency to the terminal I was a sweaty mess!
Stopped in to say ‘hello’ at the Harley in the airport…
…headed to the Sky Club and a handful of hours later I was home sweet home.