Greetings From the Sky! First Acupuncture Session!

Greetings everyone! Hope the week has been treating you well. It’s all a blur to me. This morning it took me five minutes to figure out today is NOT Monday. I was up at 0345 and had a successful first time ride to the airport using Super Shuttle. Shout out to them! Hubs had to be on base, so I figured I’d try it instead of a cab. I met a very nice doctor from Africa on his way to Houston this morning and the driver told me the only good things out of Japan are Ramen and some beer I can’t remember the name of. I have to agree the Ramen is good there, but what a bummer that his memories aren’t good ones. I knew why. It was implied. I chose not to get into it.

Right now, I am up in the air on my way to Ft. Lauderdale (with a layover in Atlanta). As you all know, I am obsessed with Flight Tracker technology. Big Brother much? I’m okay with it. My husband works for the government. My father worked for the government for fifty years. I’ve accepted they have tabs on me. /sarcasm

Flight Aware says I’m still in New Mexico. Delta’s Flight Tracker says I’m almost leaving Texas getting into Tennessee. Whichever it is, it’s been a pleasant flight, albeit a little turbulence. Always seems par for the course flying into Atlanta lately.

I have a lot to catch up on in here. I figured I’d recap my time in Dallas, then realized all of the photos are in my phone – and I am feeling a little lazy about reaching under my seat and messing with the cables. So I’ll tell you all about yesterday.

It was my first acupuncture appointment and boy was I excited and nervous! First a TMI Alert: The reason I sought out acupuncture is because I have severe periods. Like really bad. I have tried just about everything. Just about.

I started a month after my tenth birthday and it was awful. We’re talking hunched over in tears crying in my parents bed because nothing made the pain stop. I also couldn’t go anywhere because my flow was so bad. I was put on the pill at eleven years of age.

Things were okay, off and on, throughout the years. I had always known I didn’t want kids (biologically) so after chemo and surgeries, I asked them to tie my tubes. I was 25 when I asked. They made me wait until I was 30 since they were worried about me changing my mind and having regrets. Finally, at 30 I had the Essure Tubal. It was a relatively easy procedure. I was in and out of the hospital on the same day. I think the entire procedure took 45 minutes and I was in the gym the next day.

Then as I got older my periods changed. I never gave thought to the Essure. I seemed to do fine on it. However, as the years have passed things have gotten worse. They had me on just about every birth control pill around. Vicodin, muscle relaxers; nothing helped. In desperation, almost two years ago I had a Novasure endometrial ablation. My gynecologist told me stories of hope. And maybe my periods would even disappear! I almost cried thinking I’d have some sort of respite. Nothing was helping. Not heavy duty pain medicine. Not sleep. Not heat. Nothing.

The Novasure worked for about two to three months. It seems now things are almost worse. I recently stumbled upon information many women have filed lawsuits due to issues with Essure and I’ve also discovered message boards full of stories from other women whose Novasure procedures failed.

Remember when I wrote that I had tried just about everything? Well the last option I was offered is to have my uterus removed. A hysterectomy? I am not ready to go that far. I spoke with my chiropractor a bit and he recommended the acupuncturist to me. Since my insurance covers it, I decided it is high time to try a more natural way to make myself better.

After finally having some time carved out, I went and she offered me some tea. I filled out my paperwork and when it came to the female issues I had so much to write.

We went over my health history at length and then she introduced me to acupuncture. The needles are SO TINY. It isn’t like what you see in the movies or on TV – at least not to me. I got undressed (leaving underwear on) and got on the table – it is exactly like a massage table. I was face down and she started. The first needle didn’t feel too pleasant, but she adjusted it and all the others were fine. It doesn’t hurt. It’s more like a little pinch when you do feel it. Oh – and yes, you are covered the entire time with a sheet!

I know it sounds odd, but it is SO RELAXING. I almost fell asleep. She left the room for about ten minutes then came in, removed the needles and massaged me. Then I turned over. She placed more needles and left again for awhile. I relaxed and she came back in and did what is called Moxibustion over my abdomen. It involves burning mugwort and the smoke smells like sage or pot, actually! She opened the window and I did okay. It didn’t trigger memories from the fire, so I was happy. And probably just too relaxed to feel anxiety.

I could feel warmth from the inside out. It was soooo nice. After a few minutes she removed the needles and I got up. When I went out I could barely talk and while I was trying to sign my receipt I accidentally flicked the pen toward the receptionist. Someone walked in and joked I had “acubuzz.” Yep! I felt buzzed. In a good way. I was too shy to ask for photos, but I will try to get some.

I go back next week and I am cautiously hopeful. We’re going to discuss Chinese herbs and I’ve reached out to someone in an attempt to get my work outs back on track. More on that soon!

In the meantime, it is about time to shut it down, Looks like we’re over Alabama about to get into Georgia.

Have a great Wednesday. I will have more recipes to share, too! And if you haven’t already checked it out – stop by Justina Wong’s blog Fail Sweetly and if you are a military spouse be sure to enter the November Giveaway. I am honored to be this month’s sponsor! Click here for the page.

Ta ta for now!