If I Could Live Anywhere…

Day 19 of my blog challenge. Where should I live? If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

The gypsy and Air Force Brat in me can’t come up with an answer. I would love to move overseas for awhile to Australia or London or Iceland or some other spectacular place.

BUT… the practical side of me thinks this:

I love San Diego and my husband’s daughters are in Arkansas while my family still resides in Florida.

So ideally we’d split our time between the three places. All photos are mine unless otherwise noted:

My hometown, Miami, FL. I do miss those beaches…
San Diego, CA (I couldn’t decide between these two pictures LOL)

and this exact house in Arkansas (with three car garage, guest quarters and a work shop on the White River with 5 acres of land for a price that we would never find in San Diego and I couldn’t believe until I read it with my own two eyes…yes, ladies and gents, Arkansas housing is definitely economical). This house, which we would have loved to have bought, but I think it sold. It just wouldn’t have made sense to buy it before the hubs gets out of the Navy.

Photo courtesy of listingsonsale.com

We’d be close to his girls and be able to take them to Florida and San Diego. And I could escape the cold whenever I want /insert evil grin here. 😉

What about you? Dream living destination? Do tell!