Sing it, Leo! The Business Traveler’s Theme Song

 Business Traveler Theme Song

Leo Sayer When I Need You has been around almost as long as I’ve been alive. I think it is absolutely spectacular and I designate it as the theme song for every frequent business traveler who misses his or her partner while they spend nights in an empty hotel bed longing for the arms of the person they Love.

Suddenly my ‘slow’ autumn and winter has turned into at least six upcoming trips:

1) Anaheim, CA – the hubs will join for two nights YAY!
2) then straight to Seattle, WA – which gives me the opportunity to visit with a friend who lives in Vancouver, B.C.
3) Ft. Lauderale, FL – awesome to be able to see my family during my downtime
4) TBD
5) Overland Park, KS – hoping to see a dear friend of mine
6) Washington, D.C. – get to see a friend whose hubby was stationed there just this past July

That’s all before my Christmas break. We’ll go to Arkansas ten days after I get back from D.C. then  we’ll return to San Diego the 30th of December. I’ll return to the office 2 January, then business travel starts up 4 January and I will be gone through at least the beginning of March (Vegas, Phoenix, Spain – and those are the ones I know of for now).

This is not a complaint. I’ve written it before and I’ll write it again: I love my job. I love what I do. My colleagues are pretty bad ass. But. I still miss my husband and it’s a lot of time to be away leading up to the holidays.

Before I knew him…

I never knew there was so much Love. 

And while I miss him, I remember

…I won’t be traveling forever.

As he says – the best part of leaving is coming back home to him.

Giving so much thanks for an amazing husband who is understanding and supports my career. So, so much thanks tonight.