Firsts: Pumpkin Patch!

Greetings! I have been busy today! I was able to postpone my business travel until tomorrow (hallelujah!) and have the last of the laundry (bath mats) in the dryer, cleaned the bathrooms, did the floors, the dusting and the vacuuming. I  figured we’d go out after the hubs gets off base. He had other plans and texted that “he’s got it.” Sounds…interesting.

I will be gone all of next week, so this is just a fun post with no weekly accomplishment checklist for Operation 1950’s Hot Housewife (With a Modern Twist) since I am getting as much done as possible today.

In in the spirit of fun and fall, I am writing about firsts; Yesterday was one of mine!

The hubs was able to get off base early and took me to my first pumpkin patch! I was SO excited! I actually tried to take a nap and couldn’t fall asleep I was THAT excited! Yes, I am such a little kid sometimes.

Off we rode to Bates Nut Farm which isn’t so far from where we got married in lovely Valley Center…

LOL I just watched this back. When I asked, “Aren’t you glad we didn’t bring the car?” I was totally making a funny voice!

This is what is meant by ‘In a car it’s like you’re watching the movie, but on a motorcycle it’s like you’re IN the movie.’ I edited it way down. Watching it back is not nearly as fun as being on the bike! (I was holding my phone following GPS).

We definitely were not expecting such a huge crowd! Bates Nut Farm must rake the dollars in during pumpkin season WOW!


Bad cell phone pic

It was actually pretty comfy!

I love the misshapen ones

So cute

We wandered around and picked out one pumpkin that was the perfect size for the bag we put on thebike rack. And I love little mini pumpkins, so I just had to get two of those, too!

We got home, unloaded, showered and went to a good friend’s birthday/Halloween party. I was a dominatrix without a collar (I forgot to grab the one I had in storage) LOL and the hubs went as what he is. A caregiver (you can’t see his pin in this photo). I just went with it.

This is me trying to have a mean face, but in the middle of laughing instead- and the hubs probably laughing at my poor attempt!

I really love the autumn! The pumpkin is just waiting to be carved. Hubs and I have just the design in mind…Stay tuned!