Weekly Check-In | Operation 1950’s Hot Housewife

Hello from the hair salon, everyone! Hope your weekend is going stellar. The hubs and I have had quite a busy week!

Making time to check in where and when I can LOL!

I think this is now Week Three of Operation 1950’s Hot Housewife – WITH a Modern Twist! My how the days fly…

Check-in time!

Last Saturday:  I vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen, dusted, washed the doggy, cleaned the bathrooms, did all the floors, folded and put away laundry and unpacked my suitcase. I was tired! I tried to take a nap, but my phone kept going off. (I don’t turn it off in case of an emergency). Perhaps it was a sign that women of the 50’s didn’t get to take naps! I called it the “modern twist” part of my operation ha! I planned on the one pan chicken, potato & green beans, but we were both pretty tired and hubby called a pizza night.. He volunteered to go to the grocery store by himself on Monday. Now, who am I to tell my husband no?! It was a good, relaxed night.

Walter’s ball wanted a bath, too. I decided dog-washing will be the hub’s job. 

Sunday:  I washed the sheets and towels and the hubs was able to get off base (hooray!). We went on a wonderful ride with our club throughout the mountains of San Diego. The weather has been perfect and we couldn’t have asked for a better ride! I think it was our best yet in San Diego!

1) hubs wiping down the bike 2) a selfie on the back of our bike 3) stopping at Bates Nut Farm
4) Stopping at Dudley’s- love how our bike just shines here 5) Another selfie with me and the hubs 6) Up on Palomar Mountain

When we got home I went ahead with the recipe I had planned for Saturday night. It was a Pinterest win!

One Pan Chicken, Potato & Green Beans
Link to recipe here
I would use 3 tablespoons of olive oil instead of butter in the future.
I also used real green beans instead of canned.

So fast, simple and easy clean-up!

Monday: Back to work! Right now is an extremely busy time for me in the office. The hubs did all the grocery shopping (this took such a load off). I admit I felt like a bit of a failure that he took this on for me, but I kept remembering the “modern twist.” My husband is just not one to sit around. I got home and was so excited to see everything he got! Haha you know you’re  grown up when groceries excite you! I made the Easy & Healthy Shrimp Scampi with jasmine rice for dinner– another Pinterest win!

Click here for recipe
I used smoked salt instead of regular.
Five garlic cloves was plenty.

Oh!!! Oh! Oh!!!! And this came in! I am absolutely in looooove with Love & War Clothing. Is it not absolutely adorable? I cannot wait to get more stuff from here. A military wife makes these herself and has donated many of her proceeds toward wonderful causes.

Damn straight!

Tuesday: Hubby’s competing with me! I came home and he had done the laundry and vacuumed. He is so awesome. I was a little bummed because I had forgotten to put the slow cooker lasagna ingredients on the grocery list, so I made the apple and sage pork chops instead! They were delish. I even got a love note the next morning. 🙂 It was a little risky since the hubs likes savory and these definitely have a lot of sweet to them. Glad he branched out!

I made these in the morning and put them in a 1-gallon Ziploc bag. I asked the hubs to put them in the crock pot and set it to low for 6 hours at 1300 (1:00pm). I think 4-5 hours would have been plenty; my crock pot cooks fast!

Here is the recipe I modified from a McCormick’s recipe card:

Apple & Sage Pork Chops
1 1/2 tsp rubbed sage
1 tsp minced garlic
1 tsp Thyme leaves
1/2 tsp ground allspice
1/2 tsp paprika
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp olive oil
1/2 cup apple juice
1 apple cut into chunks (you can use more if you like; I used a large Fuji apple)

Just mix everything together and pour it over the pork chops. It’s that easy. Cook in the crock pot on low for 4 to 6 hours – this will depend on quickly yours heats food.

I think it could have used less sage. I did not brown the pork chops before cooking; they were very tender, moist and practically fell apart. If you want them firmer, I would recommend browning them before putting them into the crock pot.

I love my apple slicer, Ziploc bags, when recipes turn out and our white board. 🙂 

Wednesday: I forgot to take a picture, but it was ground turkey soft taco night. They are so easy and fast! And they’re a favorite of hubs. I kept up on the kitchen cleaning, but forgot about the dusting. Oops.

Thursday:  My my my my my. If you haven’t read about my teri-yucky disaster already, click here to read on.

I was so excited to make such a “pretty” dinner. UGH, ugh and ugh! Cleaned up the kitchen and wished I could feed the food to Walter lol!

Friday: It was another busy day. The week absolutely flew by! The hubs and I had our weekly sushi date (it’s usually on Sundays, we moved it).  I did some laundry and we had a fun night being silly and staying up waaaaay too late.

Saturday (yesterday):  We mostly did stuff around our place, hit a charity event at the Harley Dealership and ran errands. We went ahead and had Thai food dinner at a new restaurant for us. It was a good experience. Got home and stayed up waaaaay too late again. I ventured into a new recipe and will update on that experience a bit later.

Some notes:

Yesterday we went to the chiropractor. I have been having some issues with neck pain along with some “female” stuff going on for which I am going to start visiting an acupuncturist. One area I have not been good with is my exercise. I have put on a lot of weight (for me) and I need to exercise; not just to look good –I want to feel good. I am taking some steps to implement this into my regimen. More to come.

I need make more time for myself . I went and got foundation in a rush and it is way too light. I got some blush in a rush and it’s a bit too dark (I think). I need to take a day to invest in myself. It’s a really hard thing to do. I am resolving to visit my chiropractor regularly and to follow-through on my acupuncture appointments. Travel can’t be an excuse. Stuff like make-up and hair products; well I am still having a hard time with taking it seriously. I am doing it/using products, but taking time to invest in going to the store like Sephora or Mac makes me feel frivolous; like I should be doing more “important” things. I have to remember that little things like that are important, too.

All in all, I’d say the week went well. It was just so busy I felt like I fell behind a bit. I AM taking some to myself today since I am at the hairdresser. A little change is coming… I hope I like it!

Up for this week:

Last but not least, for those who did not see it, I have taken the plunge. Life of a Traveling Navy Wife is now on Facebook! When the pages reaches its first 100 Likes, I will announce a giveaway! CLICK HERE!

Have a wonderful Sunday and I’ll be back soon with that Hilton Head, South Carolina recap!