Operation 1950’s Hot Housewife Day 7

The hubs and I got up early – 0730 (for a Saturday) so we could head out  to the Harley Davidson store and go on a ride. Before leaving our place, he went out to walk Walter. I got up, made the bed and got ready. Since it was riding day, I had on a pair of jeans, my Harley Davidson boots and a black tank top along with my pins and patches leather vest. I put my hair in braids (no one likes brushing helmet hair) and topped it off with a headband for extra security. Of course, I forgot to take a picture.

I wanted to put the turkey breast in the crock pot before we took off so I was happy and relieved to find it had thawed! (If you don’t know about the turkey, read my last two Hot Housewife entries). After about fifteen minutes of preparation, that bird was on its way to being dinner.

After feeding our little zoo, we went to Harley Davidson for a while then headed out on a ride through Palomar Mountain, one of our favorite areas in San Diego. It was a great ride, though very hot. After making our way back to Harley we enjoyed  a small bit of BBQ and music. It’s a Saturday tradition at the store.

See that wagon with the Harley Davidson logo? I so want one of those!

We got home around 1330 (1:30pm) and took Walter out. I checked the turkey and low and behold it was finished several hours early! I turned the crock pot to warm and hoped the meat wouldn’t become dried out. I sat down and then it started. A horrible headache. I fell asleep on the sofa and woke up barely able to open my eyes. Determined to make our Thanksgiving in August meal, I asked the hubs to get me some painkillers. Luckily, they went to work in about twenty minutes’ time. I got up and started cooking.

First up was the easiest pie on the planet – a Dream Whip Chocolate Cream Pie (aka French Silk). You can find the recipe by clicking here. What a time saver! The hubs likes graham cracker crust, so buying it pre-made was a win all around. I did attempt to decorate the pie. Let’s just say I need a piping bag and to practice my skills! At least it tasted good…Pie went into the fridge.

I peeled, chopped and boiled the potatoes while preheating the oven to roast the green beans. I use a modified version of this recipe: clickity click. My modifications: 1) I use fresh green beans. 2) I use smoked sea salt and a little rose salt. 3) I use a glass pyrex dish and then flip the green beans around at 7 minutes. They always turn out perfect!

While the green beans were in the oven I made the stuffing and mashed the potatoes using a potato masher. Sometimes we like them lumpy and I find a potato masher works better than using a hand mixer. Dinner was served!

Thanksgiving in August dinner and dessert

The turkey was a little drier than I would have liked, but hubby insisted it was tender and moist. Of course, I was measuring by my father’s standards and no one, and I mean NO ONE, makes a better bird than my dad!

If you are thinking that making turkey in a crock pot is crazy, I thought the same thing! I did some reading and found this recipe on Food.com. It was great! Just watch your cooking times if you try it. Also, I don’t cook frozen poultry in the crock pot. I’d recommend letting it thaw before throwing it in. Seven hours on low was way too long. Four hours on low was plenty. When in doubt, use a meat thermometer!

After eating way too much and downing gallons of water (we were parched from the ride), I cleaned the kitchen. I don’t think the dishwasher has ever been that stuffed full! I let the turkey cool off so I could tear it apart and put it in a container for leftovers.

We took Walter out for his walk and relaxed a little. Then I asked the hubby if he wanted some pie. We sat down to eat it and I told him, “I hope you like it.” He tasted it and joked, “No, no, don’t eat it,” then took my plate from me as though he was going eat both slices. I was so full I couldn’t finish mine so I gave the rest to the hubs.

Cleaned up those plates and when I went to tear the rest of the meat from the bones, the turkey fell apart it was so tender! YAY crock-pot! I stored it and cleaned out the ceramic portion of the crock-pot (always fun times). We unwound the rest of the night. The day had flown!

Shower and bed. Ahhhh. And that was Day 7.

Observations: It’s been a week since I started Operation 1950’s Hot Housewife. Our place is so much more organized, over all. It’s nice to walk into our bedroom when I/we get home and see the bed made, laundry caught up and our master bath without all my crap on the counter. Although some of these things are just small changes, I am happy about the good habits I’m developing.

I am also really enjoying cooking and knowing my husband has lunches to take to work with him. There is still progress to be made, but there is no doubt I am going to keep this up. I will create a cleaning schedule based upon when the hubs is on base. Now that we’ve adopted Walter, I’m even more determined to keep on top of this.

I’ve begun tackling our junk drawer and it’s even pleasurable to see what I can accomplish in completing over a weeks’ time. It puts a smile on my face getting home after work and seeing our place tidy and in order. I also looove the positive feedback from the hubs.

Tomorrow while hubby is on base I’ll tackle freezer meals, menus and the cleaning schedule. I called this little project Operation 1950’s Hot Housewife with a Modern Twist, but it’s hard for me to believe not wanting to live any other way, yes, even in 2013. It just makes good sense to me. It’s still a chore to get my husband to “let me” clean up after him, and I realize how lucky I am being married to a man who respects me and our household.

Stay tuned for my weekly updates and if you haven’t seen it already, leave a comment on the blog and enter to win a $100 Bettie Page Clothing gift card! Details can be found by clicking here.

Oh – and tomorrow thanks to our wedding photographer I’ll have more photos to share!

Have a great Sunday!