Operation 1950’s Hot Housewife – Checklists

Greetings to all! This morning at around 0730 I was in my bathroom getting ready to take Walter on his walk. I thought I had heard him jump onto the sofa, but instead it was the hubs unlocking the door! He got the rest of the day off base WOO HOO!

We are going to take off on the bike shortly, but I still wanted to do a quick check-in.

My camera is doing some funky aura thing

We took Walter on a walk and then while the hubs cleaned the motorcycle, I finally did IT. I cleaned out the junk drawer! GO ME!

I always made the excuse that I would “get to it” after I got a shredder. Well, I’ve had a shredder sitting in our place for over three months now and I still had not gotten to it. I finally opened that dreaded drawer and took all of the paperwork out. I dumped it all on the sofa, then made three piles:

~Keep (stays on sofa)
~Throw into the garbage can (floor)
~Shred (floor)

It was a mess, but as the pile on the sofa got smaller and the piles on the floor got larger I could feel a sense of relief knowing that we would never have to go through that stupid drawer to find anything ever again! I got to shredding, tossing and filing the “keep” pile into an accordion file folder.

My work here is complete: 

Before I had started on operation “clean out of the junk drawer” I also stripped the beds (master and guest) and started the sheets. I decided to try to tackle my first draft at a cleaning and menu schedule, too.

I don’t like the word “chore.” When I looked it up in the thesaurus almost every synonym had a negative connotation. I decided to use the word “accomplish” instead.

This is a work in progress since the hubs works different days of each week, and I will be traveling a lot again this month. For this week, it looks like this. Sunday and Monday tasks will be combined because of the holiday.

 And here is a checklist by day/week and month:

I am always open to suggestions and interested in hearing ways that your checklists work for you! On that happy note, I think the hubs is itching to get on the bike and so am I!

Oh my hairstyle for the bike. This way it stays out of my face and won’t be tangled when we’re finished riding. It is super easy and instead of braids, you just use two strands of hair and twist, twist, twist! I went very light with the make-up today, too. Hey’s it’s a holiday! 🙂 And yes, our master bath is Harley Davidson themed (empty towel rack since I washed all the towels today).

Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day for all those stateside.

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