Pinterest Fail – My Teri-yucky Beef

ETA: There were some pretty mean remarks on the Pinterest Fail page and it is really easy for people to act like assholes (yes, I wrote assholes) behind a computer screen. I experimented. People do that. I was and I am poking fun at myself for such a big mess up! I merely found this humorous. I have pretty thick skin, but c’mon. If you are going to be a jerk, I don’t have time for mean people. Move on, please and thank you.

Original post: Have you all seen that website blog Pinterest Fail? If you haven’t, and especially if you need a laugh, I highly encourage you to take a look!

Now, for the most part my attempts at the recreation of recipes on Pinterest are successful. Hairstyles? Not so much… but we’ll stick to food for now.

I saw this collection of photos for beef broccoli and fell in looooove. So pretty! I just had to do it! I would definitely impress the hubs with this one! Right? He could even use those chopsticks I bought him in Japan!

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I decided to forgo cooking with a wok or skillet and use this crock pot recipe instead: clickity click. Now I do not like soy sauce or ginger and I asked myself, “How in the heck can you call it teriyaki steak with no teriyaki sauce?” I also don’t like salt and don’t tend to use any extra salt in recipes when I cook.

So I decided to modify things a bit. I couldn’t go wrong. Crock pot cooking is so easy, right? Riiiight! So I used one cup of teriyaki sauce instead of soy sauce and eliminated the ginger. I also used real garlic cloves instead of minced garlic from a jar. Set the crock pot on low to eight hours and oops! I forgot that part about slicing up the beef before putting it into the crock pot. Then I left to the office:

When I got back the place smelled like teriyaki and it was overwhelming. I looked into the crock pot and the meat looked a bit burned. Ugh. The teriyaki sauce had pretty much burned off. I added some water and threw in the broccoli hoping I could save the meal.

I tried a bite and it was dry and I experienced a salt overload. I did not like it at all. I texted the hubs, “We might be eating out tonight”. He got home and thought the place smelled great. He took a bite and said, “Well, it’s like eating beef jerky, but better since it’s soft.” He actually ate a plate and said he thought it was fine. Guess what? I had a Totino’s frozen mini-pizza and a big ol’ glass of red wine! Glamorous, huh?

So ladies and gents, this is what my husband ate (okay it didn’t look that bad – this is a picture of the leftovers taken out of the fridge this afternoon). And yes, there is actually broccoli hidden in that mess. My Teriyaki Beef was Teri-YUCKY!

I’m chalking this one up as a Pinterest (read: user error LOL) FAIL. What about you? Any links or stories to share? Do tell!