Operation 1950’s Hot Housewife – Day 5

Yesterday is such a blur! If you read the blog last night, you know we have a new addition to the household and in honor of Walter I am doing my first blog give-away! More on that in a minute. We picked him up from his foster home last night at 1830 (6:30pm) and we’re having a blast already!

Is he not soooo adorable? We’re just thrilled to have Walter with us now! He’s got a forever home and he’ll never have to worry about being taken care of and loved on again!

Yesterday I was up at around 0415 (4:15am). Hubby had his coffee and took off for base. I emptied the dishwasher, put a few things in it, folded and put away laundry. I had some fruit and did Body Rock.TV (GO ME).

The company launched a new product yesterday, so instead of being too dressed up I wore a t-shirt with one of the product designs on it along with my 7 Jeans in observation of the launch. And my favorite Michael Kors five inch heels, of course! Don’t worry, these are the t-shirts that actually have a cute cut! I did a double braid headband and even teased my hair a bit! When the hubs saw it later he said, “Good job!” That’s a big compliment coming from him. 😉 Make-up matched my shirt a little (nothing too over the top) and after feeding the scale babies I was ready for the day.

I took off to the office and left during the afternoon so I could grab a turkey from the store. I really wanted to make our Friday a “Thanksgiving in August” night. Now let me tell you, buying a turkey in August is no small feat! I found three turkeys at the grocer closest to my office. I waited over twenty minutes for them to price check it for me. They could not find the price so they would not sell me the turkey. I kid you not. Sufficed it to say, I left feeling a bit frustrated.

I headed back to the office and left early. I was chomping at the bit to go pick up Walter! And I wanted to find a turkey.

Store #2. No turkeys. They only sell them during Thanksgiving time. Luckily Store #2 is right next to Store #3 and third time was the charm. Excited, I found a turkey. I also made some purchases so I could introduce the hubs to a toasted almond martini. I headed home and unloaded my loot. I took Doc out of his terrarium and gave him a pep talk to tell him he’d be getting a new brother. He didn’t seem impressed.

I went to the mirror to take a gander at myself and let me tell you, I looked tired!  I freshened up and brushed my teeth before the hubs got home. I also grabbed all the dirty laundry and put it in the washer. The hubs got home, changed his clothes and off we were to pick up Walter!

We grabbed our new boy and took him to the pet store. He is hilarious! When we got home I ordered a pizza. Yes, I know! In my defense, I had planned it that way since I knew we’d have our hands full with our new fur baby.

We played and chatted and enjoyed our toasted almond martinis, which I forgot to take a photo of! Gives me an excuse to make more tonight. I also wrote a blog (see below).

Before I knew it, I was brushing/flossing/washing my face and we were crawling into bed. I would say Day 5 was spectacular!

For those who may have missed it, I am doing my first blog give-away – a $100 gift card to the Bettie Page store. For details on how to win, click here. I’ll be excited to announce the winner on September 14th!