Operation 1950’s Hot Housewife – Day Three

I am going to keep myself accountable and blog, daily, for the first week of Operation 1950’s Hot Housewife then transition to a weekly check-in, least I bore all you readers with every single detail of my days!

So yesterday was Day Three. The alarm went off at 0611 (6:11am) and let’s just say thanks to my husband I was late getting out of bed. I don’t know why I chose 0611. I like odd numbers. That’s probably it. We made our way out of bed and hubby’s coffee was already made thanks to his magic coffee pot. He served himself. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to disrupt his morning caffeine infusion. I sliced up some fruit for breakfast, but the hubs was filling up on coffee. After I got a bit full, he graciously accepted my leftovers. After feeding our little zoo, I took a shower, dried and curled my hair. I thought the curling part would take maybe fifteen minutes. It was more like a half hour. I did my make-up and I went so far as to use my Mac Paint Pot, Fluid Line liner and brush number 210 (or 2-something) to do my eyes! Of course, it took about ten minutes to do one eye because I messed up the line, had to remove all the make-up and start over. Grrr.

I put on a cute pair of dark jeans with a black (feminine) top and 5″ black heels. That will never change. I will always love my high heels! I accidentally deleted the photo of my outfit, though. I promise I was “put together.” I sported my Tory Burch glasses instead of contacts and after hugging and kissing my honey, took off for the day. At 0820 (8:20am) again! Pfft!

My day at the office flew by again and I was heading down the highway before I knew it. Traffic was a bear. I chatted with my mom for a little while on my way home and fifty minutes later finally made it to our parking garage (gotta love Southern California rush hours). When I walked in, I remembered my guide; be happy. I reminded myself not to complain about the other drivers. Hubby got up to hug and kiss me and we talked about each other’s days while I started dinner; BBQ chicken, green beans and jasmine rice (oops on different rice dishes two nights in a row). It was a hit. I made extra to pack for his lunch. He saw me practically stalking him so he wouldn’t clear his own dish so he ran to to put his plate in the sink! Then I ran in front of the sink like a linebacker and threw my arms up so he couldn’t reach into the sink! We were laughing so hard. I rinsed everything, wiped down the counters and started the dishwasher.

We hung out and I had a little wine. He had some honey whiskey and we chatted and looked at things on the internet. The hubs plays drums and he showed me a few drum sets he likes (hints for Christmas?). I tried to pay close attention when he described that although the drum set looks like it isn’t wood, there is a special technique of staining the wood grain in order to make it look that way. The set was his favorite blue cobalt color and probably cost more than my first car!

We lounged around and talked about the girls, Christmas travels, censored…lounged around some more and then we turned off the electronics and I read to him for a half hour. He headed to the shower to shave and prep for an 0400 (4:00am) wake-up and we got into bed after I was done brushing/flossing/washing my face. My head hit the pillow and I don’t even remember falling asleep. This is good. I usually take a very long time to fall asleep while tossing and turning.

And before I knew it, Day Three was complete.

Thoughts: I still need to get my timing down a bit better and maybe spend some time with the You Tube make-up tutorials over the weekend. I have something special planned for Friday’s dinner, too.
Stay tuned tomorrow for a surprise and a give-away announcement!