Operation 1950’s Hot Housewife – Day 4

Hubby’s alarm went off at 0400 (4:00am) and I usually take about 15 minutes to “get up” so I followed him out to the living room a little later. He was already drinking coffee. I had packed his lunch the night before, so we sat and chatted while he got his boots and uniform on. He decided on skipping breakfast – no more of that, though.

He took off and I reminded him not to forget his lunch. I put away the dishes and loaded his coffee mug and stirring spoon. Now I wish I could tell you I worked out and greeted all my neighbors walking through beautiful San Diego. I did not. I was exhausted and got back into bed and answered some emails, then watched a little Hulu and just laid there. I never really “slept” – I just laid there, feeling guilty for not being motivated. Hello perfectionist.
I finally forced myself up and because I was running late, I skipped washing my hair – the hairdresser always says not to wash it everyday anyway, right? 
Thanks, Pinterest! Simple headband braid
I brushed it out and decided to do a simple headband braid I had seen on Pinterest. It would look cute and like I’d made an effort. Mostly, it would be easy and not take a half hour of my time! I put on my make-up, Wiped down the sink, counter and floor then decided on grey pinstripe pants and a silver-ish top with a teal cami underneath. Note to self: I need more dresses for work.
The office moved a little slower than Monday and Tuesday. I did receive a small change in travel plans for September. I’ll have three destinations now instead of two: Atlanta, Hilton Head and Ft. Worth. I was asked to go to Hilton Head by someone whom I respect very much, so although it’s a little extra flight time (I’ll fly from Atlanta to Hilton Head), I’m happy to go.
I’ll fly into Atlanta on a Saturday, stay until Monday and head to Hilton Head. I’ll be there until Friday night then head home for two nights before taking off to Ft. Worth on Sunday. This will be one of my first freezer meal challenges! 
While I was getting some hot tea, I also saw a copy of our company quarterly newsletter and that I got an honorable mention in the photo contest. Beaten by a picture of a cute dog! I didn’t stand a chance LOL. (Some things blurred out intentionally).
Taken in Boston Public Garden

I wrapped up a few things and headed out. The hubs was already home when I got in. I had almost gotten hit about three times in our parking garage (the joys of urban living) and told myself in the elevator not to bitch to him about the Mario Andretti’s of our building. I got in and was just happy to see him. We greeted each other and then I started a load of laundry – which I still need to fold. More on that in a minute.
I immediately got started on dinner: spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread and Caesar salad. 
While I prepared dinner hubby and I chatted about the girls and he played X-box. I couldn’t tell you what game, but I think I bought it for him as a Christmas stocking stuffer last year.
For the pasta, I actually do love making sauces from scratch, but in the interest of eating before 2100 hours (9:00pm), I went to the internet and Googled “Best tasting spaghetti sauce from a jar” and found this Cooking Light article claiming they liked Rao’s Homemade Tomato Basil Marinara. I remember when I purchased it thinking to myself, “Eight bucks for a jar of spaghetti sauce? Okay…we’ll see.” Well, it was fine, but I didn’t see any difference from Classico, Barilla or Prego. 
In order to add some flavor, I added some finely chopped onion and pepper – and neither of us even likes pepper and onions. Mixed with the sauce and meat, it was a good balance of flavor, though. Mixed everything up and had a whole lotta sauce!



My eyes got way bigger than my stomach and our plates ended up looking like this:

I think I ate a quarter of my plate and hubby ate half of his. I packed up leftovers for lunches and did the dishes. Then I put the laundry into the dryer, and made some dessert. I love that strawberry shortcake is so easy to make! The hubs insisted on putting his own dish in the sink. At some point I loaded the dishwasher and wiped down the counters.
We sat on the couch together and I was ready for some husband and wife time, but oh best laid plans. Then it hit me. TMI Alert: something in the pasta did not agree with me and I was miserable. I’ve often wondered if I have a gluten allergy. The next hour or so was pretty rough. UGH UGH UGH.
I finally felt better and realized I hadn’t folded the laundry. When I got up to do it, hubby insisted it could wait. He got into the shower and I laid just about comatose on the sofa until he brought me to bed. 
Day four was not the smashing success I had hoped for, but hubby raved about the dinner and thanked me over and over, so that leaves a big grin on my face.
Plans for today: Make a weekly menu for breakfast and lunch and figure out freezer meals. Call the kickboxing gym again and see if I can get a plan that works for my travel schedule. Make up for lost time last night… ;). Take off to do a special pick up at 1830 (6:30pm) and announce my first blog-giveaway! So stay tuned!
I will see YOU later!