OMG You Can’t Say That! Day 8 – Passion

Day 8: What are 3 passions you have?

Stealing an idea from the Can I Get Another Bottle of Wine blog, I decided to make this one easy on myself and ask my husband for his opinion. The conversation went like this while he was putting together my super-duper awesome new wine bar.

My super-duper new awesome wine bar
Me:Baby, in addition to being your wife and our marriage, what are three passions you’d say I have?

Him:Well, writing.

Thoughts: Yes, I love to write. I’ve been told many times I should have been a writer, but fear of failure and not being able to pay the bills has stopped me from truly pursuing this passion. As I wrote in an earlier entry, there are things on the horizon, and I know I cannot wait for things to come to me. I will make them happen when I am ready. I’m thinking it will be soon.

Me:Yes, mmm, hmm. Go on.

Him:Traveling (emphatically).


Thoughts: Well yes. I think that’s a given. If I could travel around the world forever, I’d do it in a heartbeat. I’ve always believed the “journey is my home” and I feel alive and in my skin when I’m exploring new places.  I can’t imagine not getting on airplanes as a regular part of life. And even though I do complain from time to time about airports, taxi drivers and hotel food, I am grateful for a life that affords me the opportunity to see the world.  Thank goodness I married someone with an identical wanderlust!

And sex.

Me:Oh my god! You can’t say that. My mom reads my blog! (Sorry mom).

Him:Well, why not? It’s true!

Me:Well, yeah it’s true, but MY MOM READS MY BLOG.

Thoughts: He went on to say some other things that shall remain censored here, but let’s just say that , yes, sex is an important part of our marriage as it should be any marriage. It should not be everything; but I am passionate about its place in our partnership. Actually my mom taught me that. (Thanks mom).

Me:Pick something else! Would you say voluuuunteeeeeriiiing (emphasizing my suggestion, of course).

Him:Yes, yes. And volunteering!

Thoughts: I am surprised he didn’t pick this first. I am addicted to volunteering and charitable causes. I have to stop myself from overdoing it, because I am sometimes involved in so many causes at once I don’t have time for myself. Still, it fulfills me to give back, so I know this will remain a passion of mine until my last breath.

Reviewing the list, I’d say I have my priorities straight. 😉