Blog Challenge Day 11: Pet Peeves

Day 11: Describe a few of your pet peeves.

Have you ever driven with your windows rolled down, music on, just enjoying the fresh air on a particularly beautiful day when all of a sudden you get stuck behind a smoker? Suddenly your air isn’t so fresh anymore. Then to make matters worse, after that person is finished sucking down all that butane, carbon monoxide, methanol, arsenic and other assorted chemicals he or she tosses it out of the window onto the ground? Or perhaps you’re strolling down a beautiful road and get stuck walking next to someone sucking on a death stick. If it’s not bad enough you have to breathe it in, the person throws the butt onto the sidewalk or into the grass. CANNOT.STAND.THAT. People who want to pollute their bodies because they don’t care about their health – fine. Have at it. Don’t pollute the planet while you’re slowly killing yourself. Yes. I feel that strongly about it. Inconsiderate smokers rank right up there with one of my biggest pet peeves. 

Next, let’s discuss people who don’t understand merging onto a highway, or the meaning of a Yield sign, or that when a stoplight goes out the intersection becomes a four-way stop. I often wonder how people actually get their licenses and how there are not more accidents on the road. I learned to drive back home in Miami. NPR once had a broadcast that exclaimed, “Driving in Miami is not for beginners.” Yet there is a method to the madness there. People will force you to get out of the way. Hey, it works! There is a lot of traffic, but somehow people get the non-written rules of the road. Sit at a green light for more than .000001 seconds and someone will lay on the horn. Yep. Green means GO! Southern California is a whole different ballgame. I see 50mph in the fast lane and 75 in the slow. People merge onto the highway and slow down instead of speeding up. This list could go on and on. Note to self: listen to classical music on the way to the office more often. It calms you.

Lack of chivalry. It’s 2013 and I get that, but when did men lose their manners? ESPECIALLY on military bases? Growing up, even as a kid, our military members waited for me to walk through a door first. Heck, they held the door! They excused themselves for bumping into someone. I understand this is not all men. I don’t want the bad apples to ruin the bunch. Still, too many of our military men do not conduct themselves the way they once did and it’s both disheartening and disappointing. Here’s hoping they start teaching basic manners again.

And on that positive note, I’ll leave it at just those three. Hey, three comprises “a few,” right?

Wishing everyone stateside a safe and happy holiday weekend!