An Introduction and a Giveaway!


When I was a kid I loved poodle skirts. I even had one made for a sock hop. But I really didn’t like poodles. Know what I liked? No, no. Know what I loved? English bulldogs! I have wanted one for years. My sister has one. My co-worker has one. Some of my friends have them. And I wanted my English Bulldog to appear on my skirt instead of a poodle! Well guess what?
Part of my wish has come true! Hubs is an internationally certified K-9 instructor who also has experience with bulldogs, so it was a sign a bullie would be in our future! I also am convinced that my husband is a dog whisperer! Several months ago we applied to adopt a bulldog from the San Diego Bulldog Rescue. I was thrilled when we got the email to have our in-person interview and home inspection. A couple of weeks ago, we got another email. A bullie had become available and we were invited to set up our first meeting! As soon as we saw who we were meeting it was love at first sight!

Everyone, I’d like to introduce you to Walter:

Is he not adorable? His past owners left him at the vet’s office and never went back to get him. He was severely underweight and you could see his ribs sticking through his fur. I don’t understand how people can do that to a beautiful animal. Thank goodness for his wonderful foster parents!

In honor of Walter and my vision of owning a bulldog skirt, I am doing my first blog give-away – a $100 (one-hundred) gift card to the Bettie Page Clothing store! I wore a Bettie Page outfit in my engagement photos and I plan on making a few more purchases very soon in keeping with Operation 1950’s Hot Housewife. And I just think their clothes are beyond adorable! Heck, now I have to get an English Bulldog skirt made, too!  Etsy, anyone?

Read below for details and good luck! Winner will be announced September 14th!

Contest begins at midnight tonight! 
Just click on this link for information: a Rafflecopter giveaway