A Dream Job

Day 7: What is your dream job, and why?

Right now, I have it pretty darn good. Although I took a completely different life direction than my studies (a lot of us have), I love what I do. The people with whom I work are great. I travel around the world. I meet famous people. I attend lavish private parties, dinners and concerts with the likes of Maroon5,  Ray Rice and others. I am continuously learning new things. I am encouraged. I am trusted. And when I am in town, I wake up happy to go to the office.

Enjoying some wine and tapas in Barcelona on some downtime.
With Ray Rice at a recent event
Maroon5 is even better live!
Positive thoughts – Meiji Shrine in Tokyo

Of course there are the parts that are not glamorous. I miss my husband when I am away. “Standing in hour-long security lines at the airport is fun!” said no one ever (though TSA precheck and Global Entry have done wonders for eliminating that aspect of travel for me). For the most part, airport food sucks. So does plane food. And ten hour flights with people – adults and children – kicking your seat conjuring images of replacing Arnold Schwarzenegger with yourself in the Kindergarten Cop scene where he breaks a pencil to warn misbehaved children on a flight…oh yeah. I’ve had that thought a hundred times. But at least that’ll make you smile! Waking up and forgetting what city, country and time zone you’re in is sometimes amusing, though.

In addition, opening dozens of boxes to dig through paperwork and give-aways is not pretty on the hands. Bellmen giving me the evil eye when it’s time to load my rental truck is always fun! AND being inside of a hotel ballroom for 10 – 12 hours a day or inside a convention center from dawn ‘til dusk isn’t the part of the job most people think of when they think ‘corporate event planner,’ but alas it is work after all.

So while I can’t complain, my dream is for Pudgy and Pals to take off. I would love to go around the world meeting kids of all different backgrounds and cultures making them characters in my books so that they may teach life lessons to other children and their parents. The goal would be to make a living and also donate a portion of all my proceeds to worthy causes. This would allow me to travel and give back at the same time.
For those who don’t know about my children’s book series, it was created a few years ago based on the life and adventures of Pudgy, my bearded dragon lizard who passed two years ago. You can read more details by clicking here.

I had an illustrator and we went our separate ways. I had funding, and then I didn’t. Life and bills happen. Many people have asked why I just don’t get an agent. I think fear is the answer. Fear that I might lose creative control. Fear that someone will compromise the integrity of what Pudgy and Pals is meant to stand for. Of course, if the right person came along I’d be open-minded. I see honest support as a very positive thing.

I needed to take a step back. I’ve done that for a while. Pudgy and Pals is still something I plan on coming to fruition, but I realized I needed to make (not wait for) the right time. I kept trying to rush it and that just wasn’t the way to go.

I have always been a right now person. Well, I am choosing to look at things a little differently. Right now isn’t the time.  I need more info and answers to the questions I have. I’ll live my way into the answers…

In the meantime, my reality is pretty sweet.  And that is more than alright with me.