In 30 Days…

Today marks the day we are officially one month from our wedding.  Sufficed to say, like most brides, this point in the planning leads one into a conundrum! HurryUpAndGetHereHowTheHellIsItOnlyAMONTHAway?!!?

Impending business travel is also looming overhead. Spending two weeks on the road – one of which will be on another continent – just before our wedding has sent me into meltdown mode at least once, I admit it.
As I was giving advice to another bride-to-be, I recalled that this time around I am focusing on the marriage. The wedding is the symbolic gesture. The outcome is what counts.  So, today, I will choose to remember the following things:
In 30 Days…

A woman who said never again, will celebrate that she showed herself “again” is still worth believing in
Her best friend of over twenty years will perform the wedding ceremony
Her nieces will play guitar and sing
She’ll live a milestone doctors said she wouldn’t see
A family will come together and grow larger
A once child-free woman will become a step-mother; and continue her quest for a worthier description (Bonus mom?)
Pictures will be snapped
Our hearts will dance
Life will be lived
And I will become wife to the man I Love.

What, really, could ever be better than that?
July, 5th – we’ll see you soon! EEK!