• Malia Lilinoe-Just Wandering

    That’s such a sweet proposal story regardless of what interesting questions that may have been brought up to you guys. Absolutely love this and I agree with you that all of the men and women were there to witness such a beautiful moment in two people’s lives:

    “Silly perhaps, but I like to think the energies of those men and women, some of whom may have served alongside my father and grandfather, were smiling upon us that day. Among those fallen heroes I enthusiastically said yes to my sailor. I said yes to the sacrifices and fears that come along with being a Navy wife, and I said yes to the pride that only a military spouse can know. Maybe grandma and grandpa even stopped by for a visit.”

  • Jodi U-S

    I’ll admit you hooked me with the cemetery thing, but your story is sweet, you just sucked me right in!!! Thank you for sharing this with us at #milfammonday!

  • Lauren Tamm

    I just love your blog posts Heather. Thanks for sharing this sweet story. I like the idea that fallen heroes were smiling down on you that day. My husband got down on one knee on the beach and stood up before I even said yes or put the ring on, lol. So this is totally unrelated, but I signed up for IZEA through your link, but I am not sure that I will be able to use them because I technically do not live in the US. Maybe I could do the social media posts?? I probably need to send you a PM about this, lol.


    • Heather

      Oh my gosh,thank you. You humble me. HAHA he was probably nervous! Definitely contact me about IZEA, happy to help how I can.

    • Heather W

      Thank you Lauren! I am sorry I missed this – I believe you can live outside of the US and use IZEA. 🙂 And I think it’s adorable how your husband proposed. He was probably so nervous!