We’re goin’ to Disney World!

Well. Kind of.
When fiancé and I started planning our wedding, Florida came up. I have a love-hate relationship with my home state. I love the white powder sands and clear, warm waters the beaches of San Diego don’t offer. I love the Everglades and the nightlife. I love the Latin flavors and the foods I can’t find where I live now. The no state income tax is great, too! But I hate the rainy season. And the hurricane season. And the roaches. And the mosquitoes. Well just about all the bugs, really. And the humidity. Walk to the sidewalk to check the mail and come back in needing a shower! Yes, that is Florida for you. Did I mention the rainy season? Well July is definitely rainy season!  If you read my previous blog entry on choosing a wedding location, you know why we decided to go to Colorado.
And now we have undecided.
The only thing that is constant is change. Oh dear Heraclitus, you could not have been more right.
We’re goin’ to Florida!
Earlier this month my dear abuelo (grandfather) passed away in South America. For those who don’t know, my mother comes from a wonderful city in the beautiful country of Colombia. The family contended with his arrangements for quite some time and my abuela (grandmother) came back to Florida with my mom.
Then it started hitting all of us. Abuela wouldn’t be able to travel to the Rocky Mountains for the wedding. My mom won’t want to leave her alone. No one wanted to or would ever ask me to change the wedding, but something was tugging at me. Then I had a dream about it. Sort of like the dream I had about going to Belgium and loving it (I did and I loved it). Fiancé and I discussed it and when I asked him about changing our wedding location with just over a month to go, this amazing man didn’t even flinch. I thanked him. His words to me were, “Of course, baby. You’re very welcome. Anything for family.”
Earlier in this blog you may have also read that in the second half of June I am only home for three days due to business travel. These are not three days in a row, either. I am slightly stressin’ here! But events are what I do. And this is MYevent; THE event of a lifetime.
 Here’s a snapshot:

I have THE BEST officiant in the world. He gets his own blog entry, though.

I have it narrowed down to two places. Venue #1 is twice as much as Venue #2 – not at all expected! I am awaiting an answer on one question and we will decide. 

In the works

Haven’t even gotten started on it. Surprising! I am a cake addict. I love cake. It makes me SO happy! We have the design already, so just need to pick someone to do it.

Ummmm – we’re going really light here. But ummmmm….
Dress – check, Rings – check, His suit – in the works
I know there are a dozen other things that aren’t on this list. Despite the stress, I also feel a curious sense of peace.
There is comfort in knowing this will be a small, low-key event. There will be about 25 of us, total. All of these people love us. No one is there to judge us, my dress, his suit, our menu. They are going to be there to celebrate our happiness and commitment.

My two future stepdaughters should get some time in with Mickey and his pals, too. The smiles we will see on their faces make this move worth it. And it helps me to realize…it is all coming together as it should.